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Daily Planets Thursday 2/12/10: Mercury in Capricorn


That line being drawn in the sand? That’s Mercury in Capricorn.

The quick decisions and sparky ideas from yesterday now need to be turned into strategic goals and ways forward. Think office bingo words and you have Mercury in Capricorn. This placement is ambitious, dry, conservative and goal orientated… so all that detail you ignored with your big thinking big talking ways while Mercury was in Sagittarius? All those future driven ideas? They now need to have some structure and dates put around them. Long term planning, schedules, minutes, scope determination, criticals to quality…my Pisces Mercury is developing a headache just thinking about it!

In any case, Mercury retrograde does start soon- next week in fact- and will last throughout the holiday season- in fact almost until we are all rolling around singing about things we have forgotton and auld lang syne. So sure, put some structure around your plans, give them the Capricorn/ Saturn treatment, but bear in mind you have a few weeks to re-hash, review and revise before you actually have to sign off on them.

Oh, Venus is back in Scorpio. Forgotten what that one means? Check out this post.

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