Daily Planets Thursday 20/1/11 Eat, Pray, Love…and a Full Moon


Firstly apologies for my silence this week.

I am working away from home in Brisbane- for non Aussies, the capital city of Queensland. The work has been hard & I am stressed beyond belief- so much so, that after a day of fielding a ridiculous number of phone calls & emails, the last thing I have wanted to do at night is sit down & write…again.

Despite the pressure, there has been some good stuff- the hotel I am staying at is way posh & this incredible heat & unbearable humidity is good training for Bali (I am listening to a thunderstorm rolling around now). I am learning more about floods & flood damage than I ever wanted to know, & have had the rather dubious honour of having the coolest gumboots (wellingtons) on site- leopard print. The tradies were well impressed. Not quite so impressed were the hotel staff when my muddied & extremely stinky self strode into the lobby yesterday afternoon. I would have liked to have seen the look on housekeepings’ face when they saw my boots soaking in the marble bath this morning.

But enough of that. To the skies…and a full moon tomorrow morning (7.22am Sydney time) at 29 Cancer/Capricorn.

This pairing brings work/home stuff firmly under the spotlight. What have you sacrificed at home for the sake of professional success? Linked into this Moon is expansive & oh so generous Jupiter in an exact sextile/trine to the Sun/Moon. Feelings are big and extremely watery, so nurture who & what you need…especially if that is yourself. And yes, I realise that I should be taking my own advice- I have not eaten properly or exercised properly since this work whole crisis began last week, and know that I need that balance in order to hold it all together & do what I need to do. It will be over soon.

Where does this Full Moon fall in your chart?

The other really cool thing about being away for work is sitting on the floor with a glass of wine in front of a movie my husband would never sit through…which is why I have poured a therapeutic glass of red & will be plonking myself down to watch Eat Pray Love again. More training for Bali?

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