Daily Planets Thursday 18/11/10 All About Me…and a little about Arabic parts


“In one deep sense, novels are concealed autobiography. I don’t mean that you are telling facts about yourself, but you are trying to find out what you really think or who you are.”

I saw this quote by Robert Penn Warren in a Tweet today from Advice to Writers. It had me immediately scanning back through the last 27000 odd words just to check. After all, I’m not really sure that I am exactly happy about the direction which my character is taking, and am way too much of a control freak to contemplate that she could be doing something as a proxy for me…especially when I don’t agree with her choices at present. I had enough problems the other day leaving travel plans to someone else, let alone allowing a character to run away with her own ideas and agenda!

The Moon is now in Aries, which is possibly why I am having no problems justifying my selfishness to myself. So I am running away for the weekend and leaving husband, daughter and dog behind? Too bad so sad. It will be a good bonding experience for them & a perfect opportunity for me to get some Xmas shopping done. I even went as far as justifying it to my husband last night by telling him I could almost class it as a research trip as my character is situated in Prahran/ South Yarra, so it is in my interests to drink coffee where she would and call in at a new jewellery store by a designer I love in Greville St…just in case she ends up developing a similar taste in dream catcher earrings. He gave me the “nice try but whatever” look. Its all about me.

Likewise Jupiter stations direct tomorrow. As this occurs at 23 Pisces, it is also all about me. My Part of Fortune is at 23 Pisces in trine to my natal Jupiter. So this is Big with a capital Big. At least I am hoping it Means Something. What is the Part of Fortune? It is a traditional arabic chart point which indicates good fortune. The ancients had a part for everything including olives and lentils, but also big and meaningful things such as love, marriage and endings. The only one I use regularly is the Part of Fortune- not having yet had a client with a burning need to know when something is transiting his Part of Onions. Strange but True.

Fortune is, of course, about more than winning the lotto and making lots of money. Sure it is about profit, but it is also about reputation, recognition, strength, and the future. For astro peeps, if you are interested in knowing where your Part of Fortune is and how to calculate it, I will pop a brief explanation in the Astro Basics section.

So, Jupiter stationing is about me. For everyone else, if Jupiter is prominent in your chart ie you have Sagittarius or Pisces Rising, or the Sun or Moon in Sagittarius or Jupiter, be prepared for your energy to be on the improve. Things which may have been bubbling along under the surface will instead bubble through your veins and out into the world. Where Jupiter retrograde was about going inward to find your faith, you are now taking that along for the ride… if you want to, that is… personally I love a little Jupiterian optimism and expansion- as long as what is being expanded is not my bum!

Venus is also stationary in Libra tomorrow. This is good news for all people with Taurus or Libran Rising, Sun or Moon signs. Where Jupiter is about your faith and spirituality and belief systems, Venus has asked us to look at our patterns of relating and our money- and trust issues around each of these areas. In Libra, where she is in rulership, the direct motion will give us the opportunity to balance and moderate our attitudes in these areas.

By mid afternoon the Moon will have linked up to trine with Mars, giving some much needed confidence and courage to assert yourself where necessary. With Mercury linked to Saturn and the Moon opposing Saturn, any over-confidence will be curbed as you will be able to cast a critical, yet balanced eye over what is going on.

Anyway, enough about you…back to me… anyone out there with suggestions about nice accommodation options in Legian or Seminyak in Bali????

Until tomorrow.