Daily Planets Sunday 3/4/11 Throwing things, Mars stuff & Milford Sound

Pic by me
Pic by me

Last night my Mars was activated.

And no, this is not a too much information moment, just a simple occasion of tantrum throwing. But pure unadulterated anger. You don’t need the details. But it was a Mars rage. If I had read my own blog I may have been forewarned. If I had read Julie Demboski’s blog yesterday before I started throwing things (thanks to another FB friend for pointing that out) I may have remembered that any Mars effort yesterday was likely to be particularly Martian in flavour…as it will be again today. Mars is at the Aries Point- the 1st degree in the zodiac wheel. The energy is fresh, new and particularly powerful…and like Aries youthful energy, also a little selfish in nature.

Whilst I am a gentle, sensitive, naive, gullible and easily influenced Pisces I have been blessed(?) with an 8th house Scorpio Mars which adds strength to my usually crappy worst Mercury in the world. When my anger is roused, and I mean really roused, it is extremely effective. I go from emotional to being able to throw words (and other things) with absolute perfect aim. In a rage like this (which thankfully for the recipients doesn’t happen often) I have been known to confront huge, muscle bound blokes in carparks (hubby thankfully was close enough to rescue me from that one) and faceless bureaucrats. I once lost it with a boss who had the hide to hint (he didn’t have the bollocks to tell me outright- I told him that too) that I had acted without integrity on something when integrity was the only thing I was actually any good at (I told him that too).  In 6th class I once even kept a meeting intended for my friend with the school bully (I still remember her name…her & her group of friends would congregate at the local pool in their crocheted bikinis while I plowed up and down the pool doing laps) in a paddock and told her and her group of skanky friends exactly what they were.

When I am in a Mars moment fear and consequences do not come even close to being acknowledged. Yet I usually hide it- it scares me as much as it does those around me. Not that I get violent (although I have thrown a shoe at someone once- and deliberately missed…), just that my control is so strong at these points and so far away from my usual emotional self. No tears, no scattering just pure, cold, clear and extremely rational anger. The occasional volcanic eruptions are Mars’ was of saying “Helloooooooo I’m over here…. you think you can pretend that I’m not?” Mars in my chart is conjunct the South Node, and any planet close to the nodes has a story to play in regards to life lessons. One of my life lessons is to harness that Mars courage and focus and use it in a more productive way. I was reminded of this by an email I picked up from a friend wanting to pass on some observations about a book I had recommended to her. This prompted me to pick up that book and re-read the Mars chapter. The book is Planets in Play by Laurence Hillman.

For visual and imaginative peeps, this book can change the way you understand your chart. What he does is effectively pop all the planets up on a stage and clothe them in a way that shows how they operate in your chart. This takes cookbook astrology and raises it to the next level. I had forgotten just how much it had influenced my learning until I picked it up again last night. Thanks Helen!

As an example, here are the passages on Mars in Scorpio and Mars in the 8th house:

You cannot see the face of this Mars, only his eyes. he is wearing a surgical mask and scrubs. He is so focused on the insides of the patient beneath him that his intensity creates a reassuring calm in the operating room. His scrubs are stained with the patients’ blood, but he is oblivious of this. he wields his scalpel as a gang member would wield a switchblade…

This Mars wants to penetrate into the deepest folds of anything he comes across. Any kind of research is exciting to him. Undercover work suits him also. He has a fierce sexual drive and pursues his passions with vigor. he is interested in his own depths and will go to great lengths to excavate any hidden secrets in his inner world…

Cool, hey?

As a contrast point, here is the extract for Mars in Aries:

This is the proverbial warrior who carries his battle scars well. He wears fatigues and muddy boots, and he has several weapons slung over his shoulders. Hand grenades hang from his belt. He has rescued several of his comrades in heroic, solo, commando raids. he is fighting this war because he wants to.

With the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, Mercury and the Moon all in Aries, there is a definite don’t even think of messing with me vibe in the air. Whether this energy is used to assert yourself in a good way or comes out in outbursts of violence is entirely up to you and your Mars. Over the next couple of days there is plenty astrological action. Mars meets up with Uranus in what is likely to be a wicked, unexpected action party. The Sun comes up hard against Saturn who is patrolling the permimeter with his machine gun waiting for anyone who wants to bolt too far past the fence and, with the Sun also meeting up with Jupiter, there will be plenty of boundary hopping happening. The New Moon tomorrow is a clear playing field, and both captains are down there tossing the coin at the moment.

Today Venus meets up with Pluto is a sextile aspect. As both of these planets are in feminine/yin/receptive signs you will need to recognise any opportunities that come your way. Think about friendships and how you react emotionally within relationships. I have an astro friend around for lunch today, so no doubt there will be lots of this type of chatter…along with some heavy route planning for our forthcoming NZ trip. Speaking of which the photos on this page are from when I did a driving holiday down there with hubby and Five Foot Nothing (who was then just Three Foot Nothing- it will be interesting to see just what she does remember). The pics are of Milford Sound (apologies for the quality- I have scanned from film) and we had been lucky enough to get one of the few fine days a year out there. This time round I wouldn’t mind seeing it in rain- apparently the waterfalls are magnificent. Must run, have lunch to prepare & a few more door frames to paint before I do!




Pic by me
Pic by me




  1. whose extracts are those? I have natal Mars in my 7th, I’m Pisces asc just like you. This morning I punched my boyfriend without purpose, I was half asleep moving in the bed and it happened. Then I got it.. Mars.. so I woke myself up and started doing lots of physical things: cooking, cleaning etc..go figure

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