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Daily Planets Sunday 27/3/11 Fantasy

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As I write the Venus/Neptune conjunction is almost exact. And I am dreaming of travel…hardly surprising given that natally Neptune is in the 9th for me & trine Jupiter…I dream of travel a lot.

Fantasy and day dreams are wonderful in that no one else can own them or destroy them. You can do anything, go anywhere, be with anyone. The whole point about fantasy is that it isn’t real. And don’t we all need a little unreality every so often? This is particularly the case under a Capricorn Moon when duty and responsibility are so incredibly front & centre. Growing up, growing old, being mature, doing what you have to, thinking of your responsibilities and commitments and roles…that is all Saturn and Capricorn stuff. It is all real life. The structure represented by Saturn, the recognition that hard work is essential in order to achieve is what turns dreams and fantasy into something concrete. But today, for now, while Venus is holding hands and smooching Neptune, I want to forget about practicalities and indulge in possibilities…what isn’t now, but possibly could be…and what is best left in the head locked away (yep, this is happening in the 12th house for me :)). The Capricorn Moon is perhaps a timely reminder that some dreams are best kept as dreams.

Over on Facebook, my friend AstroSparkles is moderating a discussion on fantasy men & women- the partners that you dream about. It has been a bit of fun to read, even though I have never really done the whole celebrity crush thing myself. My contribution was not in relation to the celebrity as such, but the characters they played- how on earth could Julia Roberts think of “keeping her balance” when Javier Bardem is offering her a ride in a boat to some island in Bali??????

When I engage with a movie or a book, those characters become real…and I guess that is the whole point. Hollywood is really a Neptune concept- the glamour is both illusion and delusion, with the reality being something very different. Point in case being Elizabeth Taylor whose beauty and self destruction always represented Hollywood and tinseltown to me. A very Neptunian Piscean, she played roles all her life. Her chart is below (source is Solarfire), but the biggest thing that strikes me is Neptune at the very top of her chart opposing her Pisces Sun.  She was Hollywood…may she rest in peace.