Daily Planets Sunday 1 May, 2011 Bam Pow Kapow


© Natalie Burrows | Dreamstime.com
© Natalie Burrows | Dreamstime.com

As I write, three aspects are very close to being exact.

The Moon is about to meet up with Mercury and Mars and Jupiter are clinking glasses ready to hit the town in a pretty mighty way. On the other side of the zodiac, the much ignored (or is that wishful thinking) Saturn is facing off against Venus.

So, in order…

Moon/Mercury is one of those fleeting once a month transits that just make it easier to communicate from the heart. It is also one of those fleeting once a month transits where it feels as if your head and heart are on the same song page. Say it loud, say it proud. Too easy.

Given that the Moon is in its’ Balsamic phase, this is a great time to finish up things from a communication viewpoint that need to be finished up. I will be pulling out the credit card statements and finishing that part of the recent NZ jaunt.

Moving on to Mars and Jupiter. This is a real WOW POW KAPOW transit that we should feel all the way through until the Taurus New Moon on Tuesday afternoon (Sydney time). This is normally a time of high physical energy, and in Aries, where Mars rules, the energy can‘t get any higher. The potential for success is high- but only if you get off your butt and race after it. Just. Flipping. Do. It.

If you have Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn planets at or around 22 Aries you will feel this in a major way. Keep the orbs tight- to around a degree either way. If you don’t, attach yourself to someone who does and get the energy by osmosis!

Sure there are risks associated with this transit- in your exuberance you may charge off into unknown territory without taking sufficient care or a backup plan along for the ride. Over-confidence can lead to accidents, so take care out there.

Over-confidence can also lead to reckless speculation and excessive risk taking. Keep this in mind when it comes to gambling on whatever it is you may be inclined to gamble on.

Mars/Jupiter is also one of those transits that can lead to frustration and arguments born straight out of inactivity rather than any real root cause. The Sunday afternoon effect, I like to call it- when you are sitting there without anything else to do and pick a fight just to fill the void.

And in regards to the “conversation” I was having on Twitter earlier this morning? Aries Moon is normally not an emotional eating Moon except for when you need to take action but for whatever reason feel you are being held back. As an example, Sydney has been wet wet wet over the last week. Yesterday, I needed a walk, my dog needed a walk, the rain was pissing down and the fridge was beckoning so I cleaned out the spare room. Problem solved. It would have been boredom or frustration eating more than emo eating, but that can be the outcome of Aries.

But before you congratulate me on my extremely wonderful willpower and mature handling of the situation, I still have the consequences of a void of course and out of control Pisces Moon emo eating day from Friday left to work off!

Finally Venus/Saturn… Venus in Aries wants things now. Libra in Saturn encourages balance and moderation. This transit always shows up the see-saw between enjoyment and discipline, go get ‘em and let’s just wait a bit, I want it now and keep an eye on your credit card debt. Thankfully it is fleeting, but if you have planets at or around 11 Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra you will feel the pull more than the rest of us.

Enjoy your Sunday!