Daily Planets Saturday 6/11/10 New Moon in Scorpio


Every month I blather on about balsamic moon phases and how we need to finish things. Then at the New Moon we talk about where the new cycle is starting and at the Full Moon just where the spotlight is shining in your life.

But here’s the thing. How do you know what needs to be finished or what needs to be started? It isn’t as obvious as seeing the window sills and skirting boards that I didn’t finish last time I painted. It isn’t even about that unfinished book  on my computer. It is about what the unfinished business represents. And, unlike the book or the painting, how do we actually know we are finished? And what is the process that gets us there?

Us astrologers talk about journeys and transformation and cycles and so on, but seriously, do any of us recognise the starting points or ending points? Even fewer of us care. All we want to know is the important stuff. But then when we look back from where we are, we can see that what we were on is a journey indeed, but seriously right this minute now? The only journey I want to be told I am on is one that involves an airline ticket and a hotel.

The Scorpio New Moon is about these transformational journeys. The types of ones that leave you different, changed, possibly more focused. The things you engage emotionally to and want with every fibre of your being. The things that somehow or other help you grow.

At this New Moon supportive links between Mercury and Jupiter/Uranus encourage you to think big and outside the square. With a challenging square between Mercury and Neptune (about to turn direct) boundaries and structures are shrouded in mist and difficult to see- not really a bad thing when you are needing to go deeper and wider. Look at where 12-14 Scorpio falls in your chart. Is this hitting any natal planets or angles? What about 12-14 Taurus, 12-14 Aquarius or 12-14 Leo?

For me this falls right on the cusp of my 9th house- house of expansive journeys, the area of life associated with Jupiter and with learning, publishing, teaching and travelling. Maybe finishing that book will be transformative for me in more ways than one…actually, finishing anything would be a start…such as the painting!

New Moon at 13 Scorpio 40′ at 2.52pm Sydney time, Saturday 6 November, 2010.


  1. I’ve got Neptune at 11′ Sc in the 12th, so I should probably get a crystal ball this weekend, perhaps even a gypsy shawl with bells on? Have a great weekend and good luck on your book!

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