Daily Planets Saturday 5/3/11 New Moon in Pisces

Legian Beach, Bali. Pic by me.
Legian Beach, Bali. Pic by me.

If you go outside tonight and gaze up into the sky you won’t see the Moon. Bet you weren’t expecting me to say that. Tonight is the darkest phase of the Moon cycle. Completely black. An empty blackboard on which you can draw all your amazing wildest dreams on. An empty slate full of promise and hope and the possibility of magic.

New Moons are all about fresh starts- the commencement of a new cycle. This one is flavoured by Pisces and the 12th house. The dreams that inspire you, the things you escape into, the fantasies you hold close, your wildest imagination and what brings you undone. All of this. These themes play out wherever Pisces is in your chart.

In particular, these themes will be relevant at this New Moon wherever 12-16 Pisces falls. My Ascendant is at 16 Pisces, so this is very much a siren call of a New Moon for me: personally, I feel it is  about me, but also so very very much about the ways in which I sabotage myself- the people & habits which allow me to come undone…and bad habits are so very very tempting…

Mars, Mercury and Pluto all come into play at this New Moon. Dream your dreams, but also put some oomph behind them. With Pluto and Mars linked by sextile, pretty major results are possible, but only if you make the move yourself- wherever a sextile is active between 2 planets in “feminine” signs, the effort needs to come from within- don’t expect the doors to be opened for you. And isn’t that what Pisces is about? Everything that is in you can be realised. A Pisces Moon isn’t just an excuse to lie around on a lounge and escape with wine macaroni cheese and Vampires Suck (although, that is how I intend to spend the evening with my daughter), it is also about limiltless potential & possibility…if you can get past the fear… Alternatively, there are plenty of creative ways to bring yourself undone, and oh so many wonderful excuses…I should know- i have used most of them myself at one time or another!


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