Daily Planets: Neptune Retrograde, Cancer Moon & Crumble Recipes

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Neptune is now retrograde- and as usual, that has taken me by surprise. But then again, I am naturally illusional & delusional…. say nothing!

For some reason I almost miss the Neptune retrograde every year- which is weird given that Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, so (with Jupiter) jointly rules my chart. Anyway, Neptune is currently stationary and will be retrograde until the beginning of November.

But what does this mean? Key words we associate with Neptune are intuitive, deceptive, fantasy, dreamy, highly sensitised, escapist and delusional. Yep Pisces characteristics all wrapped up in a single planet.

During the retrograde period, Neptune becomes more Neptunian. Your intuition will be heightened and you may suddenly get insights into something you have been struggling with. Seeing things clearer, you may no longer be able to deny truths that you have been…well, denying- something that I personally do an awful lot of. Sometimes it can be hard to listen to what we need to listen to- and that is where the escapist nature of Neptune may also come into play. During the retrograde period you may be more inclined to run away into whatever is your favourite way of escaping. Not a great idea- you will have to emerge from the self induced alcoholic haze (or is that just me) at some point & see reality for what it is.

Who is affected? Pisces, Pisces, Pisces. Anyone with a Pisces Sun, Moon or Ascendant will become even more essentially Piscean. At this point I should issue a general warning for anyone & everyone who knows me! Also impacted are anyone with lots of planets in the 12th house and especially people with planets at around 29-24 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

The Moon is currently in Cancer- a time of the month where Moon types (in particular, and others to a lesser degree) turn their attention to the comforts of their home & the fullness of their tummy.

In line with that sentiment, rather than going out tonight the neighbours & us are doing one of our special pantry combo dinners. Essentially this is where none of us can be faffed going out or even to the grocery store, so we have the mother of all invention tests.

My contribution is my fabulous fruit crumble- which I can only eat the fruit bit of at present, but thems the breaks!

Anyways, here is the recipe:

For the fruit:

I use about 455g of mixed fruit- whatever is in the freezer eg frozen berries, & usually a few chopped apples. I toss through a touch of lemon juice & some cinnamon. As long as berries are in the mix, any extra sugar is overkill.

I don’t cook it off at all, but rather just throw it in the bottom of my favourite crumble pot.

For the crumble:

225g plain flour/traditional oats- any combo of the two

115g chopped cold butter

90g soft brown sugar

Pulse the crumble mix together in a food processor & spoon on top. Cook in a pre-heated 200C oven for about 30 minutes or until it is all golden brown & bubbly.


  1. I saw the word crumble and I came straight here! For some reason tonite and this morning I keep seeing crumble. Probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve just started a diet today! I must come & read your astrology stuff more often 🙂

  2. Great to see you here Annie. I often post recipes at Cancer & Taurus Moon times…& I am perpetually on a diet, starting a diet or breaking one. So sad…

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