Daily Planets Monday 4 April, 2011 A little more Mars and a New Moon

Cosmo at Saks 5th avenue- close enough to a martini? Pic by me.
Cosmo at Saks 5th avenue- close enough to a martini? Pic by me.

As I mentioned in yesterdays’ blog, I have got my Mars on in a huge way. Even this morning I was angry enough to take on the Middle East crisis single handed, let alone the incredible incompetence of the local football club. Seriously just how hard can it be to get a draw done? It really is a case of don’t make me fight this particular fight- it won’t be pretty! Barack, if you need me, I am ready, willing and at the moment, very able…

Lunch with a friend and some NZ planning calmed me down somewhat, finishing a heap of painting gave me a sense of accomplishment & the perfect martini my husband has just made me should leave me able to tackle the Sunday night ironing basket.

The theme for the next 24 hours is the same, but with an extra burst of rash impulsiveness provided by the Mars/Uranus conjunction. As Robert hand writes “no other transit is more conducive than this one to sudden upsets, rash behaviour and surprising incidents. Energy seems to burst out all over the place and in surprising forms…so much happens without warning.” Wow! You have been warned!

The Sun and Moon are opposite Mr Fun Cop himself who is draining essential energy in an effort to slow things down, this just breeds frustration. Which brings me to the New Moon. Read my post, work out where this is happening in your life and go from there. Aries is youthful, vital, selfish energy and seriously, there is nothing wrong with it being all about you.

Some links to New Moon articles from a few of my faves make worthwhile reading too:

I love this by Dana Gerhardt on Mooncircles.com. I especially love the analogy that “Aries wants you to do yourself as though you were a verb…”

Another by April Elliott Kent talks about the Aries part of your chart as where you may not play nicely with the other members of your particular sandbox.

Leah Whitehorse’ piece over at Lua Astrology reminds us of the Saturn effect (flipping Saturn!) and Julie Demboski’s post asks whether your view is half full or half empty.

So, if tonights’ New Moon (just after midnight Sydney time) is the 1st New Moon of the astrological year, does that mean yet another New Years Eve tonight? If so, make like a Babylonian and give back all that borrowed farm equipment and make like me and grab another martini…it’ll make the ironing basket look better.

Oh, and I will leave you tonight with the April 1 news that Richard Branson has bought Pluto and is reinstating him as a planet. Thanks Sir Richard for giving small business across the Universe a fighting chance…and all of us a sense of humour.

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  1. Hi Jo,
    Thank you for the mention!
    And it was swell of Sir Richard to do that for Pluto (and all of us who love using it!) wasn’t it? 😉
    Happy New Moon!

  2. Hi Jo,
    Left a comment but not sure it went through–
    thanks for the link and mention!
    Happy New Moon!

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