Daily Planets Monday 28/2/11 Monkey Bites Pt2

A Barong dancer. Pic by me
A Barong dancer. Pic by me

Yesterday morning I took myself off to the hospital medical centre to get whatever anti monkey bite jabs were on offer.

As it turns out I ended up with 4- tetanus (I got a lecture from the absolutely lovely doctor- in fact, the whole experience was heaps better than the local medical centre back home- about the irresponsibility of letting boosters lapse- which I took on the chin) and a couple to protect against rabies- even though she was quick to point out that there had been no reported cases of rabies from monkeys in Bali… a fact which immediately brought my heart rate down. In true faking it style I had been all breezy about the whole incident, despite being more than a little concerned inside…concerned enough to leave my memory card in the side of this computer rather than replacing it in the camera which meant I couldn’t take photos out at Tanah Lot last night.

Anyways, all was done & dusted in next to no time. I was out of there within the hour with a full report for my doctor back home & detailed instructions about my next boosters- yep, I have to have 2 more anti rabies shots. Worry over, we can now dramatise the incident to our hearts content.
Speaking of Tanah Lot, we ended up out there at sunset last night (along with hordes of others) and stayed for a grilled seafood dinner at the clifftop restaurant. Surely one of the most beautiful spots to eat anywhere! And so romantic…and so wasted on my friend & I. We were both wishing (in the nicest possible way) that we had someone oher than each other there… I will post the pics when I work out how to download them from the iphone.

To the skies. The prevailing mood will be much the same as yesterdays post…because (again) in my monkey induced stress I looked at the chart I had brought with me for today, yesterday. That’s right, I was a day early…which means all of yesterdays Moon aspects will be today. I will, of course, get it right tomorrow.

I hope.

As Venus moves ever closer to the end of her time in Capricorn, she also gets closer to a sextile aspect with quirky, ever so unpredictable Uranus. More on this in the next day or so.

That’s all for today…unless this really dodgy connection stays online long enough for me to post the Mars in pisces piece I wrote on the plane on the way over & still have not been able to lodge.