Daily Planets Monday 17/1/11 Air Space

As i write this, on a very small keyboard, in the Qantas departure lounge at Sydney Airport, Mars will have moved into Aquarius & a whole  new dynamic is in the air that is very different from the Mars in Capricorn energy.

Mars in Aquarius is definitely more social, definitely more intellectual & definitely more forward thinking. There is an individuality and inventivness that is missing from practical, goal orientated Capricorn. Whilst Mars in Capricorn is motivated by providing security for self & family, Mars in Aquarius is more driven by the group, the community & the cause. Anyway, more on this later.

Continuing with the Air theme is the Moon in Gemini. For much of today the theme has been one of the Moon in opposition to Venus. The Moon in Gemini always has something to say, information to gather, and needs people to say it to. With Venus across in Sagittarius there is a definite energy about getting what you have to say out there. Balancing the detail with the big picture, so to speak.

By Monday morning (Sydney time), supportive links to Saturn in (another air sign) Libra will put some structure and form around your information gathering and communication activities.

Speaking of all things head spaced, my Kindle hasn’t arrived yet (apparently is due tomorrow…great timing) & I have forgotten to pack a book…

Until next time…