Daily Planets Friday 8/10/10: Its Not You…Venus is Rx

As I write this my cocker spaniel has curled herself underneath my desk on my feet and is (not so) quietly snoring. Awwwww.

Mention has been made over the last few days of the New Moon (4.44am Sydney time). As with all New Moons this is the start of a new cycle for the affairs of whatever area of the chart 14 Libra falls. This is the 8th house for me and I still haven’t done those 2 years worth of taxes. I do however, have 2-3 hours of quality time booked in with my accountant next week, so we should still make the October 31 cutoff for this year (by the skin of our teeth).

The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn implies that planning and clear yet cautious communication will carry the day. In Libra, the message will be delivered with charm and diplomacy. So, rather than nagging my husband to help me prepare for the accountant next week, perhaps I need simply to pop on the lippy and some nice heels and ask him nicely to assist me….then again… not sure that I can be faffed going the long way around :).

Venus is stationary and will be retrograde by Friday evening (Sydney time). I mentioned in my earlier post that this is not a great time to commit to a new relationship, but thinking laterally, especially with Mars in Scorpio, this can always be used to your advantage. Something like:

“Its not you, its just that Venus is retrograde” or

“Thanks for last night, can I get your number say on the 18th of November?”

You get the idea….