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Daily Planets Friday 8 April 2011 Incompatibility and Whatever

moon gemini

I write this having survived (barely) the comfort food fest that is usually the Moon in Taurus. Ok, some slip ups but nothing too major.

The Moon is in Gemini for the next couple of days, and as Mercury rules the Moon, be prepared to feel the impact of the retrograde a little more over this period. I am finalising some travel plans to New Zealand over this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

The Moon in Gemini always means more chat and social interaction. With the sextile aspect across to all of those planets in Aries, opportunities for communication and chit chat will drop into your lap over the next couple of days. Take full advantage of them.

The amazing exaggerated energy of the week is dissipating. If your Sun/Jupiter experience was over the top joy and brilliance, you will lament the separation. On the other hand if the energies manifested in little problems getting bigger more quickly, you will wave it goodbye without much regret. I have many examples reported to me of both types over the last couple of days.

Also of note today is the inconjunct between Venus and Saturn. Now, there is an aspect we don’t talk about much. Until relatively recently I didn’t use it a lot either. I did my formal learning under a traditional astrologer and tend to use as a result the traditional ptolemaic aspects ie conjunction, square, opposition, sextile & trine. Lately though, I have noticed the impact of transiting inconjuncts or quincunx (try saying that 5 times fast after a couple of wines) on my own chart and indeed the manifestation of the two inconjuncts I have in my natal chart. Interestingly over the last couple of days Donna Cunningham has been writing about this aspect as well, so it seems sort of synchronistic. Check out her articles at Skywriter.

What is the inconjunct? Essentially it is when 2 planets are 150 degrees apart. Allow an orb of no more that 3 degrees each way.

What does it mean? The two planets have absolutely nothing in common with each other and are working to different agendas. They are incompatible. The opposition generally has the commonality of being both yin or both yang, but with the quincunx, there is nothing in common, it is a complete disconnect. When transiting planets form a quincunx to a point in your chart it generally means a major change or separation or ending- whether you are ready for it or not. (Thanks to Bernadette Brady’s The Eagle and the Lark for that imagery.)

So, Venus and Saturn are inconjunct now.  Think opposition with a twist in the tail. Venus is exalted in Pisces and approaches relationships with a dreamlike attitude. Saturn, whilst he is exalted in Libra is retrograde, which essentially has him in a pretty crappy position. So, he is standing there at the bottom of the cliff yelling up at Venus “It won’t last you know….you are being way to unrealistic about this….think of what you can possibly lose….you have commitments, remember…he doesn’t really love you…you think he understands you…mark my words, this will only end in tears…relationships weren’t meant to be easy….” She can hear him, but doesn’t really give a faff…what she is doing just feels too good! Whatever you are doing that feels just so good at the moment, may come back and bite you in the bum later…but that is later… I’m with Venus and taking the “whatever” attitude.