Daily Planets Friday 22/10/10- Double Whammy and a Full Moon

Neptune in water. Pic from dreamstime.com
Neptune in water. Pic from dreamstime.com

No post yesterday, ooops. The day just got away from me and then I went straight from work into the city and out to the theatre- Jersey Boys, in case you are interested. And it was great- in case you are interested. Unfortunately the drive home turned a 30 minute run at that time of the night into closer to 90, so I write this in a sleep deprived how the flip am I going to get out of bed and to work way.

Anyway, the biggie in the sky today is the square off between Mars and Neptune. I am finding this interesting as Mars at the moment is sitting right on my natal Neptune, so it is sort of a Mars/Neptune kind of day for me, and tunes beautifully into a self indulgent Mars-Neptune kind of conversation I had with a friend last night. When a transit in the sky feeds into a natal transit or a natal pattern in your chart it is time to sit up and take notice.

Hallmarks of the Mars/Neptune square (courtesy of Robert Hands’ Planets in Transit:

  • Inability to see yourself clearly. Tick.
  • Feelings of inadequacy and doubt. Tick.
  • Question what you are doing with your life. Tick.
  • Possibly dwelling or confronted by stuff that you did that you shouldn’t have done that just won’t flipping go away. Tick.

Whatever. Neptune is a funny one to decipher, but then, that is the nature of the planet, and me as a Piscean should have no problems with it. Neptune is not great for clarity or energy. Mars on the other hand, is Mr Action Man. Even I can see the conflict there. In the background of all of this is the Venus retrograde asking us to look deeply at what has gone before and the relationships of the past- some of which possibly don’t bear a closer examination.

Personally I am hoping that this Mars involvement will signal the end of the Neptune square Neptune transit that has been hanging around for me for the last few years and the constant fog that accompanies it. To me it has been the most insidious and unconsciously draining of the midlife transits. I am sick of talking about the crap that has been consuming me for this period & sick of obsessing about it. Mars usually brings endings, so…  

Then of course we have the Aries Full Moon at 11.36am Saturday morning (Sydney time- I think that is either 6.36pm or 9.36pm Friday for US readers). The 2nd Full Moon in Aries this year, it is reinforcing the importance of the Me-We conundrum… more on that later today!