Daily Planets: About Firsts and First-ness

Pic by me...
Pic by me...

I have been a little quiet on the blog front lately. Ooops.

I could easily blame an “interesting” workload. I could also blame a hectic social life. I could even say that I didn’t see the point as the world was supposed to end on Saturday night. But none of it would be true. Quite simply, there hasn’t been anything really interesting happening in the sky for me.

Sure last week there was the rare triple conjunction. Yep, impressive, but not really enough to float my boat. To be honest, the Universe has not been inspiring me lately…or then again it could be that I am not inspired, so it is easy to blame the Universe.

You recall my dummy spit the other week when I decided to step back from the blog to concentrate on my (ahem) serious writing? Yep, hasn’t happened. Yet this week when I have jam packed my schedule with, well, everything, I have started writing again. Even the boring stuff is starting to look vaguely interesting again.

What has changed? I have done a couple of things for the first time and have been reacquainting myself with an old flame- Gym…in fact, I have kept so many 6am dates on the treadmill that there is a very real danger of falling in love with it again… My husband is starting to wonder about Gym, my other man…

On Friday I did my very first ever in my whole life outdoor run. OK, a couple of minor adjustments to this statement:

  • When I say 1st outdoor run, of course I have run outdoors before- as a kid I played hockey & I refereed rugby league for a few years during University, but that was running outside in short, necessary bursts of no more than the length of a football field…not running as in going for a run.
  • When I say “running” I don’t mean “running” like people who can run do it. It certainly wasn’t running like my running partner does it. I sort of shuffle along for a couple of hundred metres and then stop, dramatically catching my chest to try and drag air in. He, on the contrary, keeps up a seemingly effortless pace in a perfect runners body.

But, the intention was there. And with all of these planets in Taurus, it was the intent that counted. It is actually getting of the couch and just starting that counts. It is the habit that counts.

I currently have Mars, Venus and Mercury sitting on my North Node, apparently pointing a way forward. Mars is separating from opposition to my natal Mars, a transiting aspect which brings with it its’ own frustrations and challenges.

Some firsts are fun and exciting and joyous occasions. This wasn’t. It was painful and frustrating. But the good thing about firsts is that you never have to do something for the first time again. Having said that, there are some things where you just want to get the first-ness back or go there for the first time again…but I digress. Sometimes the anticipation is better or worse…nope, this just was. But I remain endlessly grateful to my “personal trainer”.

Also on the weekend I went to my first ever Comedy Show and laughed so hard I counted the calories for the effort. The fabulously delicious Lady Julia Morris in case you are interested.

In short I have found my inspiration again in activity and giggles…which is exactly as it should be for Venus in Aries.

But, enough about me…to the skies…

The Moon is shortly moving into the mystical land of dreams, escapes and alcoholic haze that is Pisces. As is usual for this time of the month, the impact will be completely amplified when the Moon and Neptune join up to exchange fantasies. It could be interesting.

Mercury has now broken away from Venus and both have left Mars languishing on a couch with a box of chocolates and a beer watching the footy tomorrow night- preparation for State of Origin (a rather tribal Australian footballing tradition).

Anyways, must run, I have a chilli, lime and garlic beef stirfry concoction to supervise and some kaffir lime leaves to find in the recesses of the freezer.