Daily Planets 21/8/10- The Election Edition

Delusions of grandeur perhaps? Maybe a hung parliament?

It is election day in Australia tomorrow, and whilst the Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of government, not a lot else is favourable. But then, Australian Prime Ministers have tended not to rely on astrologers for electing an election day, so to speak. If memory serves me correctly, at the last election in December 2007, the incumbent Prime Minister, John Howard, selected a date which had the significance of having Saturn cross the IC, the lowest point, in his chart. Definitely time for him to go home, pop the slippers on & the feet up.

This time around we have Mercury stationing, within a few hours of being retrograde- the possiblility of re-count has to be considered; and Neptune facing off against the sun- hence my reference to delusions or illusions of grandeur…although with the Sun in Leo, maybe the “ranga” (red head) Julia will win the day. I don’t want to turn this into an election rave, but there are other parallels- I am thinking about the standoff between Saturn in Libra (Julia Guillard is a Libra and has a very strong Capricorn Saturn) and Jupiter in Aries (Tony Abbott has an Aries Moon and a stack of planets in Scorpio…and cultivates the image of the Aussie alpha or Mars man). And, dare I say it, Saturn is “moving forwards”. 🙂  Both have Mars in the last couple of degrees of Libra and according to the polls, it will come down to the wire.

Having majored in Political Science and Economics at Uni, I actually quite like politics, but this has seriously been one of the most boring election campaigns I have experienced- on all sides of politics (although in an interview this morning on the ABC I heard Ms Guillard repeat the same rhetoric word for word no less than 5 times- I counted). All I can say is “whatever”.

To the rest of tomorrows astro…elections aside, the Sun and Neptune are in opposition. This is often a time when judgement does become a little clouded. In Planets in Aspect, Robert Hand uses this description “this may be a day of considerable confusion and uncertainty”…you reckon? And thats just as you work out how to get a Senate Ballot Sheet the size of a small dining table into a slot that is 5cm wide.

Also, Mars and Venus are exactly conjoined tomorrow morning…a meeting of male and female energy, but happening in the sign of Venus. Girls, now is a good time to charm that man into submission- for a day or so at least- and I’m not suggesting this to Julia Guillard.

Anyway, it is Friday afternoon and almost wine o’ clock by the Play School clock, so until next time…

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