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Daily Planets 12 October: The Devil on Your Shoulder

Photo credit: dsteller for istock
Photo credit: dsteller for istock

One sure fire way of dealing with Pluto transits (especially the “easy” ones…yes, there is such a thing…but the term still deserves the inverted commas) is to prompt a Pluto type event. (Supervised) fasts and detoxes are popular, so is wholesale change of the knock down/re-build type.

All year Pluto has been playing games with Mars and Mercury (and now the nodes) in my chart. All year I have been faced with Pluto type stuff- it started with a flood in Brisbane in January which prompted crisis management and disaster recovery actions which, whilst prompting a month of meltdowns, will boost my resume.

Since then I have been involved in knockdown, closure, demolition, clean slate stuff. Pure Pluto. Who would have thought? I know there is more in store, but Pluto and I have a reasonable relationship- most of the time.

That’s why with the transits happening at todays Full Moon I decided to do what I do best- ignore it…well, I tell myself that I used the energies. Whatever.

This is definitely a culmination of sorts. I know it, I can feel it, and I am pretending not to. Last months Full Moon was exactly on my Sun (and opposite Pluto). Next months New Moon is a direct hit on Mars. I have also had squares by eclipses to my Moon, the Virgo New Moon opposite Mercury, the Pisces Full Moon on my Moon. In each case we have been talking about orbs of less than 1 degree. Now we have come full circle, so to speak.

I worked from home today, so at lunchtime and again after work I applied mega energy (Aries and Mars) to garden clearance- cutting the crap (Saturn) and making it all look better (Venus) and a little more pleasing (Libra). Having de-triffided the pool surrounds and chopped down a screening hedge that is a sanctuary (Libra) for big black hairy spiders (Saturn), I am knackered…but it is all still there.

Anyways, enough about me. To the skies. The Full Moon energy is still out there tonight, so take advantage of it. La Luna moves into the sign of her exaltation, Taurus, by lunchtime tomorrow (Sydney time). This is always a time of taking things a little slower, feeling your way.

It can also be the few days each month where the temptation to empty the fridge of its’ contents can be strong. The Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus in Scorpio has Machiavellian tendencies and is more likely to be the devil on your shoulder than a picture of sweetness and light. Forbidden fruits taste so sweet…

Also tomorrow, the Sun joins up in Saturn. If this is in transit to a personal planet (eg still opposite my Venus) expect a little lower energy, possibly a little melancholy or loneliness. Saturn/Sun is also about definition and limits and what you are and aren’t prepared to do. How far will you go? What will you risk? Will that apple taste as good as it looks or will it have a big ugly worm in the middle?