Daily Planets 10/8/10 and the Leo New Moon

Forecast for Tuesday 10/8/10

Venus has now separated from her conjunction with Saturn, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. By tomorrow morning she will be exactly opposite Jupiter.

Venus transits generally bring pleasure and indulgence… and Jupiter transits bring expansion and indulgence and joy. Indulgence on indulgence. Sounding better? Venus in Libra (relationships, commitment, trust, beauty) opposite Jupiter in Aries (me first, adventure, all about me, me winning, me going after stuff that I want and my big ideas, me having fun)… but in retrograde…

 Yep, amongst all those brackets I am seeing the potential of a lot of “over” words- over spending, over-eating, but probably not over- exertion… This is not an aspect which brings with it much common sense- but you know what? Sometimes a break from common sense, a break from the treadmill of diets and saving and temperance can do you good- especially given that this transit will only be good for a day or so.

Over the last couple of days we have talked a bit about the New Moon tomorrow and what your wishes may be. We have talked about creativity, love, romance, playing and being who you need to be.

April Elliott Kent is one of the best astrologers going around, and especially good when it comes to Moon stuff. This is what she has to say about tomorrows’ New Moon in Leo.

“Mercury is in Virgo in this New Moon chart, and with that comes the danger of excessive self-criticism. Acknowledging what you’ve outgrown is not the same thing as picking on yourself for what you have been. And with Mars and Saturn opposed Jupiter and Uranus, and all square Pluto, the impulse to tear down is at least as strong as Leo’s desire to create. Breaking with the past can be very liberating, and sometimes the only way to initiate change is to act boldly and irrevocably. Usually, though, reckless actions are ones we eventually regret.

The New Moon is a dark time. It is midnight now in our gardens, and it is tempting to suspect evil impulses lurking in every shadow, and to obey the limitations of fear without question. But while the New Moon in Leo is invisible to us just now, just below the horizon in the night sky, it’s still there, and we feel it even if we can’t see it. It reminds us that we are works in progress, and we are creating, every day, the selves we want to be and the world we want to live in. If the energy of Mercury in Virgo reminds us that there is much in the world, and in us, that could be better, Leo reassures us that it will be – because there is so much good in us, and because we are free to be whatever we want to be.”

If you want to read the rest of April’s article, check it out here at April’s Big Sky Astrology.