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So, 2012 has gone, and, with Mercury now in achievement focused Capricorn, it’s time to look at the stats for the year that was and do some scheduling and planning for the year ahead.

In 12 months, over 196,000 real visitors came to this site. That excludes spammers, bots and people who read the posts directly from an RSS feed. That’s a lot of people.

Numbers went down for a few months from March 2012 when some low-life bullock-less cyber whatever decided it would be really fun to hack and stalk my site- I assume because they didn’t have the smarts to get into anything that really mattered. In any case, this site spent a great deal of the next couple of months in pretty poor health, with substantially compromised up time. I’m sure the person/s responsible were doing little fist pumps at their success.

In any case, under a new web host and with improved security measures, numbers are now finally consistently higher on average than they were a year ago. Most frustrating.

What did you come in to read?

In order of ranking, the following were the most sought after search terms:

  1. Venus in Scorpio man
  2. Venus in Scorpio woman
  3. Mars in Pisces woman
  4. Venus in Pisces woman
  5. Mars in Aries woman

Just out of the top 5 was “how to annoy an Aries man…”

Sadly, there are still a lot of searches for things like:

“how to keep a Sagittarius man”

“how to keep my Aries man”

“are some Aries men boring”


“Taurus man, cheat.”

Yes…seriously…Hmmmm. Sometimes I’d love to reach through the computer and…well, enough of that…

Sadly, it’s possible for members of either sex in any zodiac sign to cheat. Sadly it’s possible for individuals in any zodiac sign to be boring. Sadly also, many people still want to capture and pop into captivity species that can be domesticated, but are at their best and most fascinating when given room to move. Rather than teaching you how to “keep” one of these specimens, hopefully the relevant post helped with understanding what makes them (and you) tick. No judgement though…

The most unusual search term, well that I took note of anyway, and can post here (I am a lady and this is a PG rated site, after all) was “are oak trees good at compartmentalising?” Apparently I used all the words in a single post once.

This year I have an overdue face-lift planned for the site- with a magazine style layout that should help you navigate around a little more. I’ll also do a bit of work on my logo and brand management.

I’m also planning the publication of the first in what should be a series of ebooks designed to help you navigate outer planet transits…I get asked about that a lot too…and, if I can coordinate time zones, web based beginners astrology classes and seminars.

I have a busy year planned- both in terms of my astro business and non astro writing- and would love it it if you’re all along for the ride.


  1. Hi Jo
    I am interested in your beginner astrology class. I would also like to know whether not knowing my time of birth is a hindrance to any astrology done for (or by?) me? 🙂

    Thanks and regards

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