Counting the Beat 2-3-4-5

Venus in Virgo likes to count things. And one thing I have learned in the last week or so is that that ships have a mountain of statistics to Amaze and Surprise.

This morning we did a cooking demonstration & tour of the galley (for those of you taking note of my incredibly in-depth technical explanations…ships do not have “kitchens”, they have “galleys”.

Out of this particular galley a team of 89 cooks (all with various technical titles) produce 11000 meals a day- that is 1 tonne of food a day and around 32000 plates to be washed.. No wonder the gym team estimates that the average passenger puts on between 7-14lbs in a 10 day cruise… and yet my pastry and dessert consumption count still stands at zero! 

As Amazing as these statistics are (and there are so many more…) the one that I found most Amazing is the 450kgs of baked beans consumed on the average 10 day cruise. Nothing more to say on that one!