Gemini Mars

Confide in Me…


So anyways, Mars moves into Gemini today.

He’s had a relatively easy time of it in Taurus- not that he likes being there- there’s not a whole lot to do, and things don’t happen quickly enough for Mars’ liking. Even the words don’t come quickly or easily- in fact, sometimes in Taurus the words can’t seem to come out. They get stuck somewhere between the heart and the head- in the throat.

By the time Mars hits Gemini, he has energy to burn and a brain full of words just waiting to come out of his mouth into a succinct, yet effective argument; social engagements to keep, and friends to catch up with.

In view of this, today we’ll rely purely on fact, lots of little facts in little bullet points to appeal to a Mars in Gemini brain.

Fact 1: The sign that Mars is in shows how you use your energies.

Fact 2: The sign that Mars is in shows how you assert yourself and fight.

Fact 3: The sign that Mars is in shows what turns you on (or off)

Fact 4: In a woman’s chart the sign that Mars is in tells you what characteristics you like in your partner.

Fact 5: The sign that Mars is in shows how you may try and impress a partner.

Putting it all together, in short sharp bullet points, if you have Mars in Gemini you will probably (all other things being equal):

  • Invest your energy on mental activity gathering lots of little facts and socialising in lots of different groups.
  • Your energy will be scattered, unfocused and inconstant
  • You will talk a lot
  • You will talk with your hands
  • You will like any activities where you use your hands
  • You will argue rather than throw things- especially when bored- in fact, arguing can be a way to pass the time with a particularly tiresome companion
  • Your boredom threshold is low- both in the bedroom and out of it
  • Speaking of which… think oral (and I know what is going through your mind…) and aural- kissing, talking (before, during and after- perhaps I should have entitled this post Talk Dirty To Me), sexy talk, sexting.
  • To Mars in Gemini, the brain is an erogenous zone and flirting is an absolute unconditional must have- don’t even think about getting down and dirty without a little mental foreplay.
  • You will impress your partner with your amazing ability to talk about anything
  • You will impress your partner with how much gossip you know
  • You will impress your partner with your quick wit
  • You will impress your partner with your ability to send messages of love or booty calls in 140 characters or less
  • If you are a woman with Mars in Gemini, you will be attracted to someone who is spontaneous, keeps you guessing, and is always changing. He might have personal planets in Gemini, have Mars in close aspect to Mercury or a lot of planets in the third house.
  • If you have a partner with Mars in Gemini, be prepared for their attention to wander. Mars in Gemini isn’t a particularly physical placement sexually speaking, so whilst his attention may wander, that may be all that has strayed- his attention, that is.
  • To keep a Gemini man (or someone with Mars in Gemini), be prepared to mix it up, keep the relationship interesting, keep them guessing.
  • Gemini doesn’t respond well to confined spaces (or relationships where his mind is not able to run free). He needs an environment where he is free to show you how smart and funny he is.
  • If you’re in a relationship with Mars in Gemini, don’t even think about locking him away for extended romantic dinners a deux or those villas where the 2 of you can see no one else for days on end. It might sound blissful, but he needs people.

Does this sound like you? If you are a Gemini man, have Mars conjunct or trine Mercury, or Mars in the 3rd house, it could sound very much like you.

And the song? Confide in Me by the divine Ms Minogue- how very Mars in Gemini.