Conference Bits & Pieces Part 2

the old quad, Melbourne Uni. Pic by me.
the old quad, Melbourne Uni. Pic by me.

Last day of Conference today. I’m not flying home until tomorrow, but today was the last day of lectures.

Again, I only attended two today. The first was by Kira Sutherland on the Astrology of Body Image. Kira is a Nutritionist, Naturopath and Medical Astrologer…and a great teacher. Her session looked at the concept of how we can use what we have been given to make the best of ourselves.

Our chart has a lot to say about our metabolism, our appearance, our attitude to food and our attitude to exercise. It can show us where there is a propensity for addictive behaviour, disordered behaviour and hormonal nasties.

As an example, someone with as much water as I have will never be anything less than (ahem) curvy. Even when my weight has been okay, I have still been tending more towards Rubenesque than Elle.

Being watery, my metabolism is naturally quite slow…and lets not even go into the too much information part of discussing my disorders or addictions! But, my Venus in Aries likes to sweat and it could all be worse… I may do a broader post on this stuff another time.

I spent the lunch break today in the sun wandering around Melbourne University, clocking up some kms and shooting some photos. Some gorgeous old buildings and a lovely blue day. Unfortunately I had only brought a long-ish lens with me, but will still post the results later.

This afternoons lecture has left my head spinning- which I wasn’t expecting as the topic was something I know relatively well. Deb Houlding, a traditional astrologer and someone I have enormous admiration for, was presenting Dignities, Debilities and Receptions.

Essentially this is looking at planets from a traditional viewpoint as to whether they are operating in their purest form, or may be a little uncomfortable and unsure in their placement. Check out her website for more on this and some great info.

I think my head was spinning because it was the first time that many people in the room had been introduced to the concept. It was hot, straight after lunch and is technically one of those things that you could be better off taking away and absorbing in your own time. I think I was doing the Pisces thing and picking up on other energies & it was throwing me a tad. Either that or I was just over the learning thing for this weekend.

Oh, New Moon tomorrow, in Aquarius (2 Aquarius 42’). I haven’t even looked at the time here in Sydney, but from memory it is sometime early evening-ish. This New Moon is the one to set intentions on if there is somewhere in your life that is a little stuck, trapped, clogged- somewhere you want to be free to be yourself.

A bit like the guy I just passed strutting down Bourke St mall in shiny satin pants that looked as if they have been sprayed on, high platform black patent shoes, Alice Cooper lustrous black curls and a scarlet satin shirt open to the navel. Eeeeuw. A little easier on the eye, but no less remarkable, was the pirate (complete with grey ponytail and beard, black eye patch, purple woven vest and lilac hessiany harem pants) munching on eggs benedict in the Block Arcade at breakfast this morning. Hmmm…. Maybe both of them misheard what Mars retrograde is really about. Speaking of which- make sure you read the piece the other day Running on Empty.

Oh, the Aquarius New Moon means that it is also New Year in the Chinese calendar and the year of the water dragon. I don’t know a lot about this (google it- there is heaps out there) except that it is fortuitous and quite Jupiter like in that you should be careful what you wish for. So, tomorrow when I get home, I’m going to roll 9 oranges across the threshold and make a wish. Apparently the oranges will bring good fortune through the door.

Gong Xi Fa Cai