C’mon Get Happy- 2011 The Year Ahead


At this time of the year blogs, magazines & newspapers are full of stories about how to make & keep New Years Resolutions. Whilst I know that most don’t get kept, so this year I have put substantial thought into mine & have a list- on the basis that:

  • There is safety in numbers
  • Whilst many may get broken, statistically surely some have to be achieved

Apparently resolutions should be things that inspire you & that you have control over. They should also be for changes rather than symptoms. Interestingly this year the one that will not be on my list is the one about losing 20kgs- the number has stayed the same for the last few years, so I figure that particular one is a symptom… Anyways, my list:

Financial Goals

As a triple Pisces with a strong Pluto control freak underbelly, I am both repelled by & attracted to numbers. Yet, financial independence is a key goal, so to help this along:

  1. In 2010 I spent enough money on books & music to finance a trip to Europe at the pointy end of a full service plane. In 2011 I have a budget I have to keep to. Hubby has bought me a kindle for Xmas (yet to arrive- he didn’t order it before Mercury went retrograde), so books should be cheaper. And seriously surely I can re-read stuff, & have enough music to fill the ipods of a dozen people with completely different musical tastes.
  2. In fact I will have a budget for all sorts of stuff next year. Information is power…apparently.
  3. Currently I buy both breakfast & lunch most work days. This adds up…and tends to be a high carb no other alternative. It’s stopping…well all but 2 lunches a week- I need my clear thai noodle soup
  4. Grow my blog readership. Between February & December 2010 my average daily hits have doubled- my goal is to do the same in 2011…but with a substantially greater “sticking” rate & more comments that don’t offer me things like penis enlargements or cheap Viagra- neither of which I have use for.

Travel Goals

  1. First up is Bali at the end of February with a friend. I have done some pretty heavy training so far for this:
  • Booked travel there
  • Booked some great accommodation at Legian Beach which, based on the US dollar is getting cheaper by the day
  • Spent the last few days practising lying on a lounge by the pool slathered in sunscreen & reading
  • I am yet to book a return airfare, but that will happen. I promise.
  1. I promised hubby that I would not go anywhere else this year without him or Five Foot Nothing (work trips are, of course, excepted). I even cashed in all of my AMEX Frequent Flyer points on his Xmas present so that I wouldn’t be tempted… It helps that I am still in arrears in my annual leave account J. That doesn’t meant that we can’t go somewhere.

Personal & Physical Goals

I was thinking about saying something like “be a better Mum”, but I am actually a pretty good Mum (Five Foot Nothing told me so) or “be a better wife”, but I think this is probably as good as I am likely to be at that…& I did cash in all my amex points for him…

So, in 2011, I will finish things:

  1. Finish a book- I have 2 manuscripts on the go- both a differing levels of completion- which I will complete & send out into the world:
  • My NaNoWriMo novel tentatively titled Instant Karma or It’s Pandemonium (I haven’t decided).  I am mid way through a re-write.
  • An astro book about weight loss & the planets with the coolest title that I am about halfway through a 1st draft on. Given that I have been at the half way status for about 12 months, that is a challenge.
  1. Finish painting the trims in our house- all of them (except maybe the bathroom)… I still have 4 bedrooms & the living areas to go…
  2. Finish the Couch to 5km running program.
  3. Finish the Sun Fun Run from Dee Why to Manly (7kms) in February…even if I do walk a (large) part of it…
  4. Finish getting fit- properly life fit not just gym fit. Assuming that my cruddy ankle will hold up to this, I also intend doing the City to Surf (14kms) in August, with a stretch target of the Lake Burley Griffin course (I think that is 21kms) by the end of 2011.

My Number 1 Goal For 2011

Is to be Happy. Properly now happy not just will be happy when such & such happens or will be happy when I lose 20 kgs or will be happy when I am financially independent or will be happy when my job title is Author/World Traveller. Happy now happy. And at the end of the day, if hand on heart at midnight 31/12/11 I can say that, nothing else on this list really matters.