Cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms…

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Of all the things we chat about on the Facebook astro page (I update it each day, so if you haven’t joined us, jump on in), the position of the Moon is the one that promotes the most confusion…and dissention.

What does it mean for me?

I don’t like it.

It feels intense.

I’ve lost my mojo.

Really? It’s not like that for me.

The thing is, the Moon rules our emotions, our instinctive reactions, so the position of the Moon, on any particular day, is like an emotional weather forecast for all of us. The sign that she’s in and the aspects being made to other planets will have an impact on us all.

As an example, when the Moon is in a water sign, all of us will feel more emotional, sensitive…relatively speaking. Likewise when the Moon is in an Air sign, we will notice more chatting, idea exchanges.

When the Moon is in Aries, it’s a little like issuing a warning of possible thunderstorms as molehills can easily become mountains, and minor irritations blow into something of cyclonic proportions. It’s also a time when physical activity is at it’s peak.

So, the emotional weather forecast is determined by the nature of the element of the sign and it’s ruling planet.

Take Capricorn as an example. Like all Earth signs, the nature of Capricorn is cold and dry. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is cold and dry, chronic and aging. Together it’s very cold, very dry and melancholic. The emotional weather forecast for Capricorn would be a “cold snap.”

Think now about Taurus. Again, it’s an Earth sign, so it’s cold and dry. Venus is warm, moist and relaxing. Taurus then, might be like a Spring day- not too cold, not too hot, not much chance of rain.

Likewise, Pisces is like a rainy Sunday and Aries like a hot summer day with afternoon thunderstorms.

Get it? If you want to know the nature of the signs and their rulers, check out this post.

This weather forecast is then updated and altered by the planets that the Moon will contact during the day. A contact with Mars during an otherwise calm Taurus Moon day will lead to some thundery rumblings. A contact with Uranus? Electrical storms.

And when the Moon is void of course, or not making aspects to any other planet before it leaves that sign? The day will have the nature of that sign (whatever it is) unimpeded. Again if it’s an Aries Moon day, here won’t be the sobering influence of a Saturn contact, or the harmonising influence of Venus. It will be pure Aries energy in all of it’s excessive glory.

Other planetary meetings will also influence the weather forecast.

Say Venus and Jupiter are square (as they were the other day). This is a very self-indulgent aspect.

Under the Aries Moon we spoke of before, that self indulgence will take on a selfish, grabby, have to have it now context. If the Moon is in Taurus, the same inclination to self indulgence will be in a more sensual, take the time to enjoy your pleasures way. The sign that the Moon is in will be the background weather for whatever else is happening.

When I pop up my daily round-up on Facebook, it’s this general forecast that I’m putting up.

Just like a weather forecast though, how it affects you is much more personal than that.

You might be the type that likes a rainy day, so a warm weather forecast is one that doesn’t rock your boat. Conversely, you might have a family get together planned on the weekend, so the forecasted thunderstorms of an Aries Moon day (with a side serve of Mars aspects) might have you reaching for fire extinguishers.

How do you know which one you are? That’s for next time…



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