Climb Every Mountain

Normally in these posts I choose my words carefully. I don’t like to upset people, I don’t like to cause conflict and I don’t like to take the emotional garbage on board when well meaning non advice turns into a game of “but, what if?”

When it comes to Saturn, there is no pussy-footing around. So, I’m venting- for the next 1000 or so words. You have the right to turn off and stop reading if you like.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a lot of emails from people who are scared of Saturn moving into Scorpio. Does this mean that I’ll be sick for 2 ½ years? Does this mean that my job will be crappy for 2 ½ years? Does this mean that I’ll get divorced? Does this mean I’ll lose my house? Saturn is going into Scorpio, does that mean I’ll die?

Seriously? Maybe that’s why the Mayans ended their calendar in 2012- not because they ran out of room or got bored with the calculations, but because Saturn was moving into Scorpio? Don’t write to me, I’m being cynical.

I’m not saying that none of this stuff can happen- I hope it won’t. What I’m saying is that Saturn is always transiting some part of our life all the time. He doesn’t just go away during the good times and re-surface for the bad shit. Saturn is always there and we can’t live in fear every single day. Sure you can if you want to, but that’s your choice and I don’t need to take it on board.

Jupiter’s always there too, and we aren’t scared of that. We look at Jupiter as the great jolly giant bringing only hope and opportunity and great big stuff. And he does. Jupiter makes everything he touches bigger. Great if it’s a good opportunity, not so good if it’s your body that’s getting bigger and definitely not so good if it’s a bad situation that’s getting worse very quickly.

Regular readers know that I don’t have a good relationship with Saturn and am about as Jupiterian as they come. I dread Saturn transits and look forward to Jupiter transits with unbridled excitement. Yet, the year Jupiter went through my 6th house, a health problem got substantially worse, very quickly, and had me in hospital for major surgery. Saturn was in my 4th house providing the structures that would help me rest and recover.

Likewise, the year Jupiter went through my 10th house, so many work related opportunities (amongst other stuff) presented themselves that I was an absolute mess. I couldn’t cope. Saturn was in the 6th asking me to take it a little slower- look after my health, my routines and go through the paces. I didn’t listen, and heeded instead the siren call of Jupiter…and all hell broke loose. Would I do it all again the same way? Hell yeah! I’m a slow learner.

I know people who committed (or re-committed) when Saturn transited their 7th only to divorce when Jupiter rocked on through there. A friend lost his house (to his ex wife) when Jupiter transited his 4th, and another had so much fun and took so much risk that when Jupiter transited his 5th his gambling problem got worse.

Don’t get me wrong, great stuff happens when Jupiter transits come along. You say yes more often, you dare to dream and hope springs eternal. Even after the shittiest Jupiter transit you can (usually) look back with the benefit of hindsight and say that losing (x, y or z) was the best thing that happened to me because it allowed (insert great opportunity) to happen. That surgery I had 8 years ago freed me, the stuff that went down in the workplace 5 years ago opened up opportunities I am jumping on today.

Saturn lessons are different. There is no denying they are hard, and rarely do we stand back later and publicise the hindsight stuff from the rafters. Saturn teaches, Jupiter broadcasts and publicises. But the lessons Saturn teaches and the structures he builds are invaluable.

All Saturn asks is that you get real. That’s it. Whatever part of the chart he is transiting is the area of life where you need to grow up and accept some responsibility. That’s it. It’s time to look realistically at that part of life. That’s it.

Over-spending and taking on extra debt? Saturn in the 2nd or the 8th will make sure that you get your taxes up to date, a budget written and committed to, wills and estates put in order, and a good, hard look at what is really important to you. Money may be tight…because it has to be. Do the right thing, the mature thing and you’ll come out of it OK. Continue with your current habits and you’ll be in trouble. This is where Saturn is in my chart right now and boy is this true!

Been alone for too long? Saturn in the 7th will ask you to look realistically at your patterns of relating. Maybe you find yourself attracted to partners that even you know (if you’re honest- and Saturn needs you to be honest) are unattainable- too young, too old, too married or too not what you need. Maybe this is why your love is unrequited? Maybe you need to throw away the checklist and give others a chance? Or, maybe you need a checklist…or maybe the work that needs to be done is on loving you? Maybe you just need to get on with living, maybe being alone is the right place for you to be now? Maybe you need to look very closely at your modus operandi? I don’t know the answer, but if Saturn is transiting your 7th house and you aren’t happy with your relationship status, you do (know the answer, that is) if you examine it in the way Saturn asks you to examine it.

Oh, Saturn won’t give you the answers either- that’s too easy. He will help you do the work and set up the structures so that when Jupiter opportunities come around you can jump on them and have overnight, out of the blue success.

If Saturn is transiting your 7th when he moves into Scorpio, congratulations, you have a head start. Why? Because all of us in some way have been looking at patterns of relating the whole time that Saturn has been in Libra.

I’ve seen Saturn transits in the 10th bring amazing career highs as all the hard work comes home to roost. I’ve also seen Saturn transits in the 10th bring divorce and separation as issues that weren’t dealt with during 7th house transits raise their ugly heads again. I got married when Saturn crossed my Ascendant and gave birth to my daughter when Saturn was conjunct my 2nd house Venus.

Get the idea?

I’m not saying that you need to swallow your fears and forge blindly ahead- that would be irresponsible. That would be something that someone who doesn’t have a good sense of Saturn boundaries would do. That’s what someone like me would do. What I’m saying is don’t let yourself be ruled by the fear of things that simply may not come to pass. These things tend to have a habit of becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.

What I am suggesting is that you open yourself to the possibility that under a Saturn transit good things can happen. And, given that Saturn is all about longevity, when good things happen under a Saturn transit, they tend to last.

That’s all.

Over the next while I’ll do one Saturn post a week- looking at transits through each of the houses. In the meantime, share with me:

Has any good stuff happened to you under a Saturn transit? Or, anything bad that turned out to be good?

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  1. Has any good stuff happened to you under a Saturn transit? Or, anything bad that turned out to be good?

    Yes, I think? It is a bit too soon to tell.

    Saturn just finished up transiting my natal fourth house. I have been an introverted hermit for a few years now (well, as much as possible while still having a job ;). It has been a weird phase where the only thing that sounded like “fun” was to stay in my apartment and meditate, study, cook, or other very reclusive activities like that.

    I can’t quite see yet how it has benefited me–other than to annoy the heck out of my friends and family–but hindsight is always 20/20 so I am sure the purpose will be made clear.

  2. Saturn brought me good things. When Saturn passed my DC angle, I got divorced which turned out good thing for me. When Transit Saturn trine my IC, I bought a house. Now Saturn is transiting in my 8th house.

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