I saw this yesterday on the Sparkly One’s Facebook page.

It’s my mantra for the year.

Do Epic Shit.

Go Forth into Awesomeness.

I love it.

There’s a lot of you out there saying a heartfelt goodbye and good riddance to 2013.

At the risk of getting into a hand of shit year poker (I’ll take your 2013 shit and raise it with mine), let me just say that I get that. It was a tough year for many of you, in some ways for all of us…relatively speaking. But we’re still here, and still standing…metaphorically speaking.

It was also a fabulous year for many of you.

One mate, who has been through more and lost more in the last 12 months than anyone should have to go through and lose, told me yesterday that because of the dark, the endless dark, they’d been able to see the good stuff clearer- like you do when the light is suddenly switched on.

They also said they’d learnt stuff that they probably needed to learn…but why oh why did they have to go through the pain to get there?

I don’t know the answer. I couldn’t help with the pain- all I could do was be there, and be grateful for the opportunity to be there.

What I do know is that there were some fabulous parts of 2013, some memorable pieces that I never want to forget…and some not so fabulous crappy bits that I won’t be in a screaming hurry to remember.

I expect that 2014 will also provide a mix of textures- some rough and bumpy, some smooth as the finest silk.

The coming year, astrologically, has some seriously tough aspects. I have to believe, though, that in these is the potential to create a few miracles.

Personally, I don’t know what 2014 has in store for me- I don’t want to know. It’s like knowing the end to a book, or the spoiler to a movie- it becomes a little less as a result.

The same friend asked me when good stuff would be coming their way. I won’t tell them that. Do I know? Not really. As with all astrological aspects, there’s a range of possibilities and a huge dose of conditioning and choice that goes into creating an outcome.

Would I tell them if I did? I’m not sure. What concerns me is that if you build up to a pre-conceived date or event, you can miss the other bits of wonderful along the way…and possibly become disappointed when the promised date delivers differently to that you’ve imagined.

Will 2014 be better than 2013? In some ways yes, absolutely. I can say that without even looking at a chart.

What I do know is that it will be different- they can’t re-lose what’s already lost, but as anyone who has built a home knows, re-building structures isn’t easy and very often re-work and clean up is required as a result of an unexpected storm.

What I have told them is the themes for their year ahead. The potentials, the challenges, the energy they can work with, or against.

We’ve talked about how shit could happen, and also how to plan for a brighter day when cloudy weather has been forecast.

My friend will have the ASC, Midheaven, Sun and Mars activated by the cardinal t-square again this year, so the goals we’ve talked about have been framed to make the most of that energy.

I’ve done the same with mine.

The thing is, how will I know if my year winds up better or worse than it would have been without doing this? I don’t know. I have to believe that I’m making a difference and that my faith in the future is intact.

I have to believe that I’m using the prevailing energy to actively look for that glint of sunlight in the cloud, to appreciate the rainbows after the rain, to understand that we need light, dark and all the shades and textures in between.

I have to believe that- even when everything is screaming at me not to believe.

This year I resolve to look for the light, to follow my dreams, and to be mindful of all that comes in between.

I also resolve to help you do the same- to help you follow your dreams, and to help you plan for a brighter day.

It won’t be perfect- that’s an over rated concept- but it is real life… in all of its technicolour magnificence.

Happy New Year.

Want to know what themes, potentials and challenges lie ahead for you? What energy will you be working with? What energy could work against you?

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