Change Management, Flying Goats and the Zodiac

Chagall pic- check out the flying goat
Chagall pic- check out the flying goat

One of the best things about social networking is the people we come into contact with that we otherwise would never have known.

Yesterday I came across a post by an Aussie change and communications expert, Jennifer Frahm, that was well worth reading.  Her post Team Building By the Zodiac posits the question how we actually formulate our teams? Do we use Myer-Briggs, some other personality profiling or even the zodiac?

I have long thought that profiling tools can be manipulated to read how you want them to read, whereas the zodiac is an objective tool that tells much about our change profile.

My third favourite scene in Notting Hill is one in which the lead characters discuss a Chagall painting. Julia Roberts’ character saw love in the painting, whilst Hugh Grants’ character saw a flying goat- or what love would look like if it was a goat flying through the air. So it is with change. One persons’ goat is someone else’s potential windfall. If each of us has perfectly legitimate and different reactions, why is it not OK to be change resistant?

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