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I’ve lost my voice.

And yes, I’ve heard all the jokes, and yes my husband is happy and my daughter is rejoicing. Hopefully this is the last phase in what has been a few weeks of feeling pretty janky and manky. And yes, there is a difference between the two words” janky is a little off, whilst manky sort of speaks for itself and is a little swamp-like. And that is how I feel. After not training for 2 weeks, I also bear more than a passing resemblance to what a swamp monster would look like.

Given that I am in the middle of a Saturn/Venus opposition, that is hardly surprising. Saturn transits are not renowned for bringing good hair days with them- usually the opposite. For me, they have tended to feel like lead weights and padlocks.

Saturn/Venus transits also usually bring with them more work than pleasure- I can certainly vouch for that one at the moment. In fact today is the first day in I seriously can’t remember how long when I have nowhere that I need to be and no one I need to be with. Temporary bliss…and quiet, given my lack of voice!

Saturn/Venus transits usually also signify financial adversity and crises in personal relationships. Hmmm.

Saturn as we know represents commitment, structure, responsibility, duty and hard work. Depending on the strength (or otherwise) of Saturn in your chart, his rings either bind in way which is comfortable and future driven, or feel like the cold, cold steel of chains. Saturn also represents adversity and lessons that we have to learn. Hmmm again.

Venus, on the other hand, is about pleasure, the things (and people) who make us feel good, our personal relationships, and, of course lurve in all it’s rose coloured glory. Venus also represents our personal resources, money and our attitude to these things.

Put these two together and you may be starting to get a picture of this transit.

Now let’s look at the principle of the opposition.  According to Bernadette Brady in The Eagle and the Lark, under the opposition, “someone or something is causing you to make a decision…there is always choice with an opposition and this choice places you in the position of having to make decisions. You make this decision because of the actions of another or the actions of a group.”

Saturn transits also have a habit of laster longer than other transits- the lag is longer, or rather seems longer- with the impact felt well after the aspect has separated- up to 2 degrees in my experience…especially for the tougher aspects ie conjunction, square and opposition.

Ouchy do. Regular readers of this blog may know that personal decisions and I are not usually great bed-fellows. Sure I have some pretty mega decisions that are pending now- decisions that I am presently floating through to see which way the tide turns.

So, with the help of Robert Hand’s Planets in Transit, what can be expected?

The usual period of testing out existing relationships to see if they can or should last the distance. Under the opposition something will happen that may make you re-think existing relationships or your pattern of relating.

You may feel constrained in your partnership, as if heavy demands are being placed on you. You may also feel as though your independence of individuality is being threatened or compromised in some way. You may even feel as though the relationship is aging you in some way, some way in which you are actively resisting.

During these transits something will happen which impels you to re-examine the relationship in terms of its’ (and your) maturity, the rights and obligations of both of you, and your duties within the partnership.

Choices will need to be made. If you don’t make the call, Saturn will simply present you with another similar situation and then another until you do.

Don’t just think of your primary relationship when looking at this transit. Think about close relationships with colleagues- have any of these ceased to be of value to you? Do you continually fall for the wrong people? Is there someone making demands they have no right to make? Are these relationships impeding or influencing decisions that you should be making elsewhere in your life? Do you feel as though the knives in your back are opening up the same wound again and again? Are you taking the route of least resistance? Are you staying because it is comfortable? Are you going because it is easier than confronting what needs to be fought for? Are you tempted to make a decision for the wrong reasons?

Financial adversity is another hallmark of Saturn/Venus transits. Again something happens which makes you re-think your attitude to money. You may be considering getting along with less, you may have this forced upon you. You may be considering what your personal deal-breakers are in regards to material resources. Maybe you are ready to compromise and make do with a reduced income in order to satisfy your soul? Again, decisions need to be made.

In my case, there are pretty major changes happening around my partition job and the possibilities and opportunities that are opening up as a result of these changes will have pretty major impacts elsewhere. The decisions that are made will impact relationships and resources and ask me to stand up for or compromise on what I really believe in.

In the meantime, there is a Grand Final that demands attention, so decisions can wait for another day and another time- when I have a voice again. I still have a week or so for this transit to unfold- it will be exact on the Full Moon which is, coincidentally a direct hit on my Venus itself. Somehow I don’t think there will be anyway to do my usual head in the sand pretend its not happening lalalalala trick.

Your arms are warm, but they make me feel

As if they’re made of cold cold steel.

A simple kiss, like a turning key

A little click and the locks on me.

Can’t move my arms, can’t lift my head

I won’t admit to where I am, but I know Baby…

I’m in chains.

Lyrics from Chains by Tina Arena.

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  1. So what happened when the transit was exact – anything noteworthy? I have this one coming up exact on Saturday, Oct 22nd. I feel like I’m holding my breath on it… but so far nothing major, other than lots of work (which I’m curiously enjoying in lieu of pleasure).

  2. Hi Nicole. Mine was exact at the Full Moon…which was conjunct venus…and transiting Venus was conjunct natal Mars. Full circle so to speak. Work work work, but also the culmination of some other stuff coming to the surface. Oh and my health is still crap- haven’t had a decent run in weeks…but I can feel the influence of Saturn waning now, so all looking up.

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