Retrograde Uranus

Uranus Retrograde July 2010

Uranus is currently stationary in the 1st degree of Aries. He blazed in on a burst of flame at the end of May and shook us all up for a month or so before quickly running out of steam and retiring to his poolside deckchair with a Cosmopolitan to catch his breath. Not that you […]

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Pluto Retrograde, Cosmo Sex Quizzes and Outer Planet Influences

Pluto Retrograde April 6 to mid September 2010 Pluto is currently stationary and about to turn retrograde through until mid September. Strangely enough, the retrograde motion makes Pluto act, well, more Plutonian. As with all retrogrades, the energy is directed inward rather than externally. In Plutos’ case, it acts sort of like a planetary detox […]

Capricorn Moon Retrograde saturn

Time to Think Again- Saturn Retrograde

Cast your mind back a couple of weeks ago to December 31. I would like to make a bet that as you were sipping wine, watching the fireworks, kissing the body closest to you and singing old Scottish folk songs, but before you sent the texts out to wish your nearest and dearest a Happy […]