The Stars and the Sun Dance to Your Drum and Now its Pandemonium

  Astrologers’ attitudes to Sun signs are a little like parents who have a heap of kids- you love them all and even though you know that you shouldn’t, you do have your favourites. Just like parents, there are days where you would sell certain ones for the price of a cupcake. We clash with […]

Aries mercury

I Like It Loud

From fantasy land in Pisces, Mercury is moving into Aries ready to put his money where his all too loud mouth is. After the moody and oh so meaningful silences of Pisces for the last few weeks, Mercury is primed and ready to shout out loud. Mercury needs to be heard, not felt, and unless […]

Aries Venus

Holding Out For a Hero- Venus in Aries

I have Venus in Aries & love it. It gives me some fire and drive that my otherwise water-logged chart wouldn’t have.  Even though I still can be way too Piscean about going after what I want, I do want what I want NOW!  I look for Aries or strong Mars in relationships & like a good battle… & […]