Casual Sex and Cancer Through the Houses…Pt 1

Lunch at Silo- Cancer rules the tummy...Pic by me.
Lunch at Silo- Cancer rules the tummy…Pic by me.

Ha! That got your attention…

One of my favourite shows on TV at present is Offspring, a little Aussie dram-rom-com set in my second favourite suburb (Fitzroy) of my favourite Australian city (Melbourne- although Scorpio hubby continually tells me that if we moved there it would no longer be my favourite, so it is best to keep it in my running away perfect life fantasies).

Anyways, Nina Proudman is a 30 something somewhat neurotic obstetrician with a chaotic and slightly unhinged family. Nina lives in her head and constructs fantasies and dream like sequences in a perception becomes reality sort of way…in a Pisces Mercury 12th house sort of way. Yet, she hides it all behind a capable doctor yours and your baby’s life will be safe in my hands sort of way.

After this weeks episode, I am now also convinced that Nina has Cancer on the cusp of her 5th house.

Nina has just had mad passionate sex with someone she doesn’t really like. Casual sex…and casual sex and Nina don’t mix. Nina gets attached easily and allows her heart to be broken easily (hey, maybe she is a Pisces after all). She is convinced the world knows how she is feeling yet presents a serene face to the world. Nina does not do dating well and she blows casual encounters into mountains of amazing proportion, beating herself up over and over. (Check out the link here to a Youtube video from Offspring after she accidentally slept with her sisters’ boyfriend…).

When Cancer is on the cusp of your 5th house all 5th house type activities take on an emotional attachment. Taken literally the 5th is the house of kids, sex (although this is a disputed thing as sex also has a place in the 8th…something for another blog perhaps), play and risk- where you give birth to things, have fun and take risks. The 5th is where we date, fall in love, party, gamble and be creative.

Looking after all of these things takes energy- lots of it…and quite often when you have Cancer on the cusp of the 5th you are so busy looking after and nurturing 5th house matters that you forget what the 5th house is about. You forget how to play, relax, express yourself and just have fun. With Cancer in the 5th, romance comes easier once in a committed relationship as the biggest challenge for this placement is letting yourself go. If you are Pisces or Pisces Rising, this may ring bells for you.

With Cancer on the 5th, a drunken snog becomes hugely important and a one night stand a potential relationship disaster that can cause years of follow-up angst.

In last years Cancer post (the link is here), I made the following comment:

Where is Cancer in your chart? This is the area of life you will feel most ready to grow and nurture. It may also be an area that you feel threatened and need to protect. Feed it, clothe it, educate it and send it out into the world in full awareness that when the bad stuff hits, your creation knows it can come back home for a meal and some compassion.

In my chart, Cancer is on the cusp of the 5th…and the above does describe my attitude to all things 5th house- even though I might pretend that it is not the case. I struggle with the urge to wrap my daughter in cotton wool, yet know that my biggest job as Mum is to equip her to face the world. I am so fiercely protective of my “creative babies” that I continue to hide them under a rock where they can’t be exposed to the weather and laughed at. As for the rest, well that is moving into way too much information territory!

But that’s me. Where is Cancer in your chart?

Cancer on the cusp of the 1st ie on the Ascendant

The Ascendant is your mask, your appearance, your body, your sense of self. This is also known as your Rising Sign

If I get around to it, I will do a full post on Cancer on the Ascendant. For now, though, think of the Moon. Cancer Risings are often physically softer, paler and more rounded than that of other Ascendants with an outward personality that is gentle and unassuming- even if inside you are a jangle of moods. You know your own emotional vulnerability so may be a little wary or defensive when first meeting new people or being thrown into new situations. Like your namesake the crab, you may approach from the side rather than head on- all the better to protect the soft underbelly.

This may also be you with a Cancer Sun


Cancer on the cusp of the 2nd

The 2nd is associated with your possessions, values, ideals…

You are protective of what you have and what you value. This isn’t to say that you aren’t generous, just that your emotional security depends on ensuring that there is a roof over your head and food on the table. You may choose to go without in order to be extravagant with your family or your home. Even if you are financially secure, you may continue to shop at bargain outlets whilst splurging on a designer number for your daughters’ formal dance. You don’t like to owe money, take risks with money and you don’t like to be beholden to anyone else- your financial security is your business…and you are prepared to work as hard as you need to in order to make ends meet.

This may be you if you are Gemini or Gemini Rising

Cancer on the cusp of the 3rd

The 3rd is associated with siblings, communication and the stuff you have to learn, ie early education

Cancer on this cusp? Check out my post on Mercury in Cancer. You are sensitive, compassionate and think before you speak…the filter is firmly on. Your relationship with siblings is protective- you can say what you will about them, but heaven forbid anyone else does! In some cases you may feel like you have had to act as quasi-parent to your brothers or sisters. Your early schooling may be a jangle of remembered slights and moodiness and the world doesn’t understand me difficulties…no one really knows how you feel, because this is something that you have difficulty in verbalising…and seriously, if they really loved you, they should know. And for all those other moments there is mood music- My Chemical Romance anyone?

This may be you as Taurus or Taurus Rising

Cancer on the cusp of the 4th

The 4th is associated with home, family, tradition, culture and history…the very roots of your being.

The 4th is pure Cancer territory. Your relationship with home, family and traditions is strong and bound in emotion and memories. Good or bad, there is no halfway point here. Regardless of whether you were over protected and tied to your mothers apron strings or brought yourself (and your siblings) up, your early emotional experiences have made you who you are today- possibly more so than they do other placements on the 4th. As you get older you make your own family, own traditions and become self sufficient within those. Your motivation? To be settled.

This may be you as Aries or Aries Rising

Cancer on the cusp of the 6th

The 6th is associated with service (or outsourcing services 🙂), duties, tasks, health related issues- the Virgo stuff of life.

You are self sufficient, so tend to outsource less than other placements on the 6th (hello Leo…). But whatever you do, you become attached to it. If you do have staff, they become like your own children and you may find yourself baking for them or giving them the “this is for your own good” spiel. Or you may find yourself working in fields where your caring and nutritive skill is valued eg  domestic duties, nursing, nutritionist, dietician. While looking after the appetites and needs of others, remember your own health & keep an eye on your tum (and this doesn’t mean to fill it with chocolate…)- you tend to feel the physical effects of stress in the stomach and the boobs.

This may be you as Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

To be continued…..


  1. What about Jupiter in Cancer?
    Sun is in Scorpio, Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, and Venus in Scorpio. Thanks!!

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