Cartoon Heroes

I first posted this last year, but it’s a bit of fun under an Aquarius Moon after all the serious-ness of the last couple of days.


I don’t do Air stuff real well, having no planets in Air signs, so rather than dwelling on the Aquarius Moon, I figured we could have a little quirky imaginary fun instead and match signs to cartoon heroes or superheroes or anti heroes.

Actually, the idea came from two places- hubby was saying how at a recent off-site they had to come up with a Super Hero that said something about themselves. Whatever. Then during my “run” (and yes, the activity is still deserving of inverted commas) this morning the song Cartoon Heroes hit my playlist by shuffle (please say nothing about why it is on my ipod in the first place…).

Anyways, here we go- in no particular order and with the usual amount of apologies and fine print regarding clichés and why do we always look at the negative side of certain signs…this is meant to be tongue in cheek. So there.

Aries is the Knight in shining armour galloping through on his white steed to save the day and the maiden, sweeping her into his arms for the sort of kiss she will never forget before riding off into the sunset, sword glinting as it is held aloft….or is that just my fantasy? I’m thinking Richard Gere (in younger days) as Lancelot in First Knight.

With all those luscious curves, Wonder Woman can only be Taurus. But then again, the Wall St Bull also comes to mind.

Gemini? The Joker of course! Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men (and a little weed…) or maybe Rocky and Bullwinkle? But the ultimate chattering Gemini twins have to be Chip n Dale!

Who better to use for Cancer than Roger Ramjet and his eagles fighting for our freedom? Roger Ramjet-he’s our man- hero of our nation…

Leo doesn’t like to be made fun of, but too bad so sad, suffer in your jocks. But seriously, how could I go past the Lion King?

I had a brain blank on Virgo, but thanks to Facebook, have a few contenders- Clark Kent- mild mannered alter ego of he in the red super underwear or Bugs Bunny- the carrot munching Super Bunny. But then there is Agent 99- who else can wear white as successfully as Virgo?

Libra is absolutely definitely Penelope Pitstop…no more explanation required.


I am making up a special one for Scorpio- Plutonium Man. He just stands there and radiates all these little radioactive rays out at the bad guys from his stillness. No? What about Dastardly Dan ….? Twirling his moustaches as he thinks of appropriate revenge with a dastardly snigger… And then again, there is always Lex Luther- spoiled for choice when it comes to Scorpio.

Indiana Jones is pure Sagittarius- and yes, I know he isn’t a cartoon character or a Superhero, but I can change the rules as I like. He travels the world in search of answers with belief and faith his key motivation and adventure his middle name.

Capricorn’s would have to be Donald Trump….oh, what? He’s not a character but a real person? Ummm, what about Judge Dredd then? I know! Albus Dumbledore…

Captain Planet is the perfect Aquarian super hero. According to the website (yep, there is one…) “intellectually, Captain Planet has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Universe…(he is) a metaphor for (the) teamwork and cooperation (of the Planeteers)… he does not like to inflict pain, which often requires him to use his wits in addition to his incredible strength to defeat the enemies of the Earth. He’s also quick witted and usually has a comic line for his villains.”

Pisces has to be Ariel, the gorgeous Mermaid who speaks to the creatures of the seas and trades her fins for dry land in an effort to be someone else for the man she loves…. Awwwwwww.


And the song? Cartoon Heroes by Aqua