Capricorn Full Moon

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Failure lately- amongst other F words like Fear, Faffing and WTF.

Yesterday I read a story on Salon where the author spoke candidly about her first novel, her hopes, her dreams and its failure to get published. Then she talked about her second.

Then at the gym I was listening to a podcast with John Frost, a theatre producer who was quite open with the shows host, Jon Faine, about just how much he (and his investors) lost when his newest show An Officer and a Gentleman had to close early. He openly talked of his failure- on this occasion.

Then today I read a post by an Astro pal, Marc Laurenson of Sydney Astrology School, who wrote of the square between the 2nd and 5th house planets.

He wrote:

Do what you LOVE, the money will follow……

This is a major dilemma with my clients who have planets in the 2nd and 5th houses, particularly when they are sqaure. They need to betray their creativity, passions and joys as they believe it won’t pay the bills, settling for drudgery to remain secure.

The gift behind the relationship with 2nd and 5th house planets is to challenge this notion….. ulitise your joy.

I have Venus (in Aries) in the 2nd and Jupiter (in Cancer) in the 5th. The two planets represent the major square in my chart, ok, the only square between planets in my chart. It’s important for that tension. It’s also important because Jupiter rules my career zone, and my 1st house (as the traditional ruler of Pisces).

I have been struggling with the whole concept of do what I love (write, create) or do what makes me money (betray my creativity and follow the corporate path). Marcs’ post today was a timely reminder that the two (passion and success) are not mutually exclusive. But, and it’s a very big but, they will remain so for as long as I continue to treat them as such…

I’ve spoken before about how the 5th house represents everything we have fun with, take risks on and give birth to. With Cancer on the cusp, this essentially means that my babies (in this case my books, my creations) are given birth to, nurtured and grown. Then, like a Mum on the eve of Schoolies week, I start worrying about what could possibly happen to my baby out there in the big bad glittery gold coast- with all of those other schoolies.

Yet, to live up to their potential, we have to trust that the upbringing we gave our willful teenagers is enough, that their boundaries and structures are such that they can look after themselves. We have to let them leave home.

The breakthrough for me was when I entered Australia from Bali the other month I wrote on my customs declaration “writer”, instead of “project manager”. It felt good. I’m sure there are more break whatevers on the horizon.

Tomorrow mornings (4.53am Sydney time) Capricorn Full Moon brings ambitions and career success firmly under the spotlight.

This Full Moon is always about the axis between work and home. What has to give at home for career ambitions to be realized? What balance do you have between the public you and the private you? Have you put the same effort into both parts of your life, or does one eclipse the other? Speaking of which, have you put in the hard work in the areas that require that? How have you been prioritizing? Have you been serious about your vocation and what you want to achieve?

This Full Moon, at 12 Capricorn 13’ activates the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, bringing it into a personal sphere. Breakthroughs, breakouts, breakdowns. Where is it happening for you?

For me this is a 10th/4th house thing, but the Moon itself makes no close aspect to any planet in my chart. What about you?


  1. this Pluto is currently in my 7th house squaring my natal Saturn, Uranus in my 11th conjunct natal Saturn, Full moon tomorrow falls in my 8th house. Waiting with lighthearted anticipation what it’ll bring, but feeling pretty good right now, enjoying these fresh winds of change blowing in from the west… x

  2. With Saturn (in Aries) in the 2nd house, it has been only a recent revelation to me that Creative Pursuits can actually be a profession. It was always ‘Other People’ who could do that sort of thing, but now I am realising that it could have been me if only I had had the Confidence and Encouragement.

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