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The Capricorn Full Moon each year casts the spotlight on work/life balance. We can take that further to look at other Capricorn words like ambition, goals, leadership, business, resolution and oppose them to other Cancer words- nutrition, care, emotional support.

What has to give at home for career ambitions to be realized? What balance do you have between the public you and the private you? Have you put the same effort into both parts of your life, or does one eclipse the other? Speaking of which, have you put in the hard work in the areas that require that? How have you been prioritizing? Have you been serious about your vocation and what you want to achieve? Are there goals that you’ve fallen short on, goals you haven’t stretched yourself enough on, goals you’ve given up on, goals that aren’t really authentically you, goals that don’t make your heart sing?

It’s those compromises you make every time you step out the door when the last thing you want to be doing is stepping out the door. Things like mortgages, school fees, living expenses and holidays.

It’s the sacrifices you make in order to make a home, and the balance that’s required in that transaction. It’s the sacrifices you make to achieve your personal goals, even though it might mean compromising your inner peace.

In last years post I talked about the struggle as I took the day off to pick my baby up from the airport. I talked about how I’d vowed to myself that I wouldn’t put myself in the position where I had to feel guilty again. Of course I continue to do so- feel guilty, and make compromises. As Miss T approaches her final school exams over the next few months, I daresay I’ll be struggling with that concept some more.

At the New Moon, we step out like children, with a child’s enthusiasm, not knowing where the path will lead us. At the Full Moon, however, whatever was set at the New Moon has been tested, and the way is now lit- not clear, but lit. This cycle, the one that is now under light, was started at the Capricorn New Moon, so pull your journals out and look at what intentions you set back then. Given that Pluto is involved at one end (conjunct the Moon), and Mars at the other (conjunct the Sun), ask yourself whether you’ve pushed yourself hard enough, or whether you’ve taken the passive or sideways route…all the while remembering that pushing yourself is not the same thing as being hard on yourself.

Both signs involved in this Full Moon tend to be invested in the past. That’s ok- the past is what has formed us, what we’ve learned from… It’s not ok if we’re so focused on yesterday that we can’t move past it. Nor is it ok if we’re tolerating an unsatisfactory situation simply because the change involves a confrontation or a perceived risk to the status quo.

Treat this Full Moon as a personal performance review by all means- you should check-in on your goals regularly, but take care not to allow any perceived shortcomings to define you.

Doing it for yourself…

By now you should know the drill- if not, check out this post for a refresher.


The point you’re looking for is 9 Capricorn 55’…or thereabouts. The symbol for Capricorn is like a stylized v with a squiggle.


In my chart, this falls in the 10th house. It makes no other aspects within 2-3 degrees of other planets or points in my chart, but is absolutely about 10th house issues for me and balancing those against 4th house preoccupations and desires.

Try it for yourself…

The Full Moon in Capricorn will fall on July 2…or late on July 1…depending on where you live.

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