business as usual…

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Each month when the Moon is in Virgo, I struggle.

I struggle with my creativity, I struggle against the work that has to be done, I struggle with what still needs to be completed, I struggle with self-esteem, I struggle with my purpose in life. I wrote about this over on and anyways.

The thing is, the Virgo Moon is a time when the concept of perfection seems so far away.

Each month when the Moon is in Virgo, I write on the Facebook page about how it’s a great time to do anything requiring detail, anything requiring organisation, anything that you know that you have to do, but have been putting off.

It’s a great time for housework, for spread-sheets, for healthy habits.

I write about it in a way that conveys how I struggle with it.

I was reminded today that there is another way of looking at it- a way of celebrating all that is Virgo rather than attempting to rebel against it as I do. It’s a way of looking at it that appeals to the Neptunian in me- a way of turning duty into ritual.

Here’s what my very wise friend said:

You really don’t HAVE to clean. You could live in squalor. But you WANT to clean, because you value how you feel being in your environment when it’s done. Let’s think as Virgo would- cleanliness, and the work involved in getting there, is actually a sacred act for her. Maybe we can lean into the joy that the Virgo part of us would find in doing the work.

Now before you all say things like “I’m Virgo and I don’t like cleaning,” or “I’m Virgo and I don’t like work,” I don’t mean it literally. I know that not all Virgos enjoy cleaning. Most Virgos do, however, achieve satisfaction from doing…from being useful…from being of service. It’s that vibe we get when the Moon is in Virgo.

I get what my friend was saying. I’m sitting here at the moment admiring the effect of the cleaning I did yesterday- the dust bunny free floorboards, the dust free desk.

I know I’ll get the same level of satisfaction at the end of today when I see our budget completed and my to do list ticked off.

That, however, is joy in the outcome- and Earth Moons are very much about physical outcomes. I find it difficult to be in the “now” when I’m in the middle of those tasks that I resent doing. Instead I rush ahead, thinking of what’s next. I treat them as a means to an end rather than as something to be present in.

It’s a little like eating the stuff on your plate that you don’t like first, so you can finish with a taste that you do like. And yes, I know the risk of that one is in filling up on what you don’t like so there’s no room left for what you love…metaphorically speaking.

Usually during a Virgo (or Capricorn) Moon I persist with trying to force my creativity, and then end up frustrated and angry- and feeling bad about myself. Usually at the end of a Virgo (or Capricorn) Moon period, I sit back and curse my lack of productivity. I’ve mentioned before, how I struggle with these particular Moons.

Today (and tomorrow) I’m trying something different. I’ll be creative in a Virgo way. As I’m doing the budget work, I’ll listen to what the numbers are trying to tell me. This afternoon at the gym I’ll be more mindful of what muscles are working, and less mindful of just getting it done. Tomorrow as I’m taping up and painting skirting boards, I’ll appreciate the meditative qualities of paint and brush strokes.

Then I’ll have a little fist pump when I see the outcomes.