Business as usual…and a virtual hug… Full Moon in Capricorn

Valencia, Pic by Daniel
Valencia, Pic by Daniel

In just a few hours the Moon will be officially full. Sort of weird for those of us here in Australia with an eye on what to have for lunch on a slightly grey slightly manky Brisbane day.

Anyways, the Full Moon. The Capricorn Full Moon each year casts the spotlight firmly on work/life balance. We can take that further to look at other Capricorn words like ambition, goals, leadership, business and oppose them to other Cancer words- nutrition, care, emotional support.

This is particularly important for me today being at day 10 away from home and nearly 2 weeks since I had any time off. My eye and energy has been firmly focused on business goals and problems, while trusting my very capable husband to keep things happening at home.

The Capricorn focus is one of business as usual and get the job done, but my Cancer self worries about what is going on in the domestic front and how I have spent almost the whole of my daughters’ school holidays interstate (for the 2nd time this year) and how I can make it up to her and how grateful I am for my husbands understanding and whether the dog will recognise me. In actual fact, my dog still camps herself under my computer table waiting for me to come home while hubby and daughter enjoy contraband food (like sausages, mashed potatoes and double carbs) and will be just happy to have me home.

This Full Moon trines into my Pisces Sun and opposes Jupiter in my chart so sets off pretty well every other natal aspect…and my Pisces self just needs a huge hug from a warm bod and a shoulder and about 2 days worth of sleep. But, enough of me.

In this super plush hotel we have been in for the last couple of nights, the business magazine supplied has listed the Top 50 Companies to work for. Sure, Google with all its’ bells & whistles comes in top, but not just for the ping pong tables, bean bags, massages and chillout areas. The companies in the Top 50 ranked highly in categories such as credibility, trust, integrity, respect and fairness- all Capricorn traits. In addition, their focus was on growing and nurturing employee engagement first, encouraging flexibility and life balance, caring for their physical and mental health…Cancer at work. In fact, the article really highlighted the work/life axis that is the Capricorn Full Moon.

The Moon itself is un-aspected at the time of the Full Moon, whilst its’ ruler (Saturn exalted in Libra) is also out of range of close aspects (with Venus separating from the square aspect earlier in the week).

So, these themes will play out in what ever area of life 22 Capricorn/Cancer falls for you…especially so if you have planets and chart points within 2 degrees either side. Keep an eye out also for anything at 20-24 Aries, Libra and, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo & Taurus.

The photo today is another from my BMF’s Valencia files. I love the mix of old and new, heritage and progress…sort of perfect for Capricorn Full Moon- building future success on the structures of the past.

And my lunch order? Chicken noodle asian soup with extra chilli…I need the hug…

Oh, you want the technical details?

Friday 6.40pm- New Zealand

Friday 4.40pm- Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

Friday 2.40pm- Perth, Kuala Lumpur

Friday 7.40am-  London, UK

Friday 2.40am- New York

Friday 12.40am- Los Angeles

Or thereabouts…