burning up…

At this time of the year in Australia, it’s hard to ignore fire. Especially this year, it’s all around. The heat is all around.

This isn’t the sort of heat that you dream about in the middle of a Northern hemisphere snow fest when the cold and the grey seeps into your bones. This is way too much- it’s way too hot, way too dry.

Fire is like that.

A little is warming, generous, welcoming, stimulating.

In balance, Fire ensures that your digestion works well and that your body burns the fuel it needs in the right way. It purifies your body and pushes out the nasties that do it no good. It regulates its own temperature through perspiration.

In balance Fire provides energy, optimism and courage. It gives you the confidence and cheer to think that you can do anything, create anything, inspire anything… and anyone.

That’s what Fire does. In balance.

Just the right amount is a warm, sunny day after a cold winter.

A spark is potential, candle light is romantic, a hearth fire is welcoming, and a camp fire convivial. But what happens when fire gets out of hand, when it loses its boundaries?

It blazes, it burns through everything in its path. It destroys, it kills. It leaves nothing in its wake.

When there is too much Fire in the chart, things start to go wrong.

That confidence can become aggression, courage becomes violence and cheer turns into anger.

Too much fire in the belly can bring heartburn, ulcers and other tummy problems.

The fire of purification can cause skin rashes, fevers and inflammation.

Just like a destructive bushfire, excess fire in the body needs balancing.

But how?

We do it through colour- surround yourself with blues, greens, the colours of the ocean.

We do it though food- cooling foods, salads, whole grains, vegetables, fruit. Foods that are more alkalizing than acidifying in nature.

We do it by immersing ourselves in water.

What about when there’s no Fire?

Now we have winter.

The cold seeps into our bones, turning our extremities blue. The body becomes stiff, our muscles lose tone and vitality. Our mood and our confidence turns as grey and gloomy as the skies outside.

When we are despondent and melancholy, when our energy is low and our muscles are weak, it seems like any task is too hard. The couch in front of the telly seems a much better idea than the gym.

When there is no fire, our metabolism is slow, our digestion is off, our tummy is upset and we are unable to rid ourselves of the toxins that make us unwell.

So, how do we bring fire into our lives? How do we leave winter behind and embrace the joy of Spring? We fake it.

We stimulate heat and warm our core through exercise- aerobic exercise that gets our heart racing and the blood coursing through our veins.

We stimulate courage by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones, by pushing our own boundaries, little by little.

We stimulate digestive fire by eating warming spices such as chilli, cinnamon, cayenne, garlic, curry, spicy foods.

We stimulate cheer by wearing and surrounding ourselves with the colours of fire and the sun- reds, oranges, yellows.

We stimulate confidence and body image by building muscle tone.

The other way we bring Fire into our charts, is when we merge with another- when we bring fire people into our lives. I have one very good Aries friend who I turn to whenever I’m feeling down, low, lacking in confidence. Not because he pats me on the head and tells me that everything will be ok- often what I get is a well deserved kick up the bum. No, I turn to him because just being with him makes the world a little brighter, makes the impossible a little more possible. He cheers me up.

That’s the other thing about Fire- it can’t exist in isolation.

The spark of creativity needs fuel to burn (Earth) and oxygen (Air) to move. When it threatens to get out of control, the boundaries provided by Earth keep it contained. The cooling effect of water produces steam that provides another kind of energy.

Too much Earth can smother it and too much water can douse it- and life with no Fire is a cold and barren landscape.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire Houses: 1st, 5th, 9th

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  1. Fantastic article Jo, done yourself proud. I only have one planet in 2 of the fire signs, and no planets at all in any of my fire houses. Cool eh?

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