Burn Your Name

I like starting things.

This is partly because I have a lot of planets in the first house, and the first house is very much associated with Aries…and Aries is very much associated with starting stuff.

It’s also because I was born just a couple of hours after a New Moon*, and New Moons are also associated with starting stuff.

The New Moon is a time of initiation, new beginnings, renewal of energy, vital and fresh.

In order to start something new, you have to make room with the removal of the old. Sad but true. That’s what the balsamic phase is for- it’s dark, like the vinegar. I like to think of it as a blackboard in the sky- just waiting for a giant sparkler to write your name, or your intentions…or something.

Fanciful, I know, but I am a Pisces!

The Moon has set this up nicely with a conjunction to Pluto earlier today that may have brought up some emotional stuff from the depths. The thing is, you have to face the crap head on before you can move on and away from it. Pluto crap, however, is very often ugly and manky- the sort of thing you want to forget about, not dredge up and confront. I’ll leave that one with you.

This New Moon is a goal setting, intention setting Moon. We’ve been leading up to it all week.

With 5- count them (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Pluto)- planets in Capricorn at present, Saturn, as the ruler of Capricorn, must be feeling pretty chuffed. The Moon has taken a sextile to Saturn and translated this light through each of the planets in Capricorn, so that sky up there is ready and waiting for you to add your list to the stars.

Capricorn (and Saturn) prefer more long range, step by step goals than the resolutions we tend to blurt out while under the influence at New Years Eve, so bear this in mind when setting yours…although it certainly never hurts to aim high…

Think about where 21 Capricorn 45′ falls in your chart. What planets & points does it hit? Any important aspects? Now work your goals and resolutions around these. I wrote mine the other day, but if you’re not on Facebook, you would have missed it- here is my post it board. This is in my 11th house, so I’m focusing hard on turning my hopes and dreams into reality.

At this point with the weekend forecast to bring more 40+ days here in Western Sydney, and, of course, across the country, I’m not looking much past a goal of staying relatively cool!

Whatever your intention, make sure it comes from the heart and write it across the sky- so you’ll never forget what the feeling’s like.


*How do you know if you were born at a New Moon? Look at the sign and degree of your Sun. If the Moon is in a later degree of the same sign or within about 30 degrees of your Sun into the next sign, you were born at a New Moon phase. Eg my Sun is at 20 Pisces, and my Moon at 27. Naturally the closer the Moon is to your Sun, the greater the influence of the New Moon. 


  1. I think I was born under a balsamic moon phase. My Moon is at 11° Libra and my Sun is at 13° Libra.
    Re the Capricorn New Moon, it falls in my fourth house, and is conjunct my true node. Not really sure how I can best use this New Moon’s energy, but I have been toying with the idea of painting both my Son’s bedrooms before returning to work on the 21st Jan.
    Yep, maybe Saturn will be satisfied with that…but then again, it’s Saturn… so maybe he won’t 😛
    Have a lovely weekend Jo.

    From your Queensland neighbour.

    1. Hey there! yep, Balsamic, but very very very just. Saturn is a flipping dreadful taskmaster- the sort of guy that if you come home with 98% in an exam would ask where the other 2% are. I think painting the room is a great use of that energy :). You have a good one too…

  2. This New Moon hit my natal Venus at 20 Cap, in my 8th house. Can’t write any more, tears blurring my keyboard x

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