Look…a book…

I get a lot of questions from people wanting to know some good books to learn from. Astrology is one of those subjects that you never stop learning from. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the credit card debt) there are plenty of great authors and publications out there. I tend to not be a real scholarly astrologer or learner. With Venus in Aries, I don’t want to wade through pages of words to get to something I can use, so all of these are books that suit me & my rather weird Piscean way of thinking…& of course the worst Mercury in the world. Check out your local bookstore for others. By the way, the usual fine print applies ie these are my opinions, everyone has the right to my opinion, no one has paid me, blah blah blah.

Some of my favourites are below:

Relationships & LifeCycles, Stephen Arroyo. This is the absolute can’t live without book on my shelf…& its’ condition shows it. I quote him heaps (naturaly with appropriate credit…) whenever it comes to relationship & Venus & Mars signs…in fact he is pretty well the only author that I refer to on an ongoing basis.

Chart Interpretation Handbook, Stephen Arroyo. Another must have. He also has another more comprehensive tome Person to Person Astrology which looks at compatability & energy factors in love & sex- all that stuff people love to know.

The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology, April Elliott Kent. I reviewed it here.

Exploring Jupiter, Stephen Arroyo. The quintessential book for understanding Jupiter…well, in my view, anyway.

Planets in Transit, Robert Hand. If you are serious about getting into your own chart, this should be on your desk always.

Anything by Stephen Forrest, but especially:

The Inner Sky

The Changing Sky

Stephen Forrest has this lyrical way of writing which looks at the purpose & shadow of each planet & sign in a way which encourages you to look at potentials & challenges rather than to say stuff like “I have the worst Mercury in history”, or “Saturn should be de-registered as a planet”. I am reading his Moon book now.

For predictive work, Bernadette Brady’s The Eagle & the Lark is a must have. Absolutely.

For Traditional Astrology and laugh out loud moments, grab anything by John Frawley… I use his Sports Astrology for footy tipping, but don’t tell anyone. He takes dry, stuffy concepts & brings them alive kicking & screaming into the 21st century.Others by him are:

The Real Astrology- If you’re into traditional astrology this is an absolute must have.

The Real Astrology Applied

The Horary Textbook

A little more off centre is Laurence Hillman’s Planets at Play. If you are a visual learner, this book brings the players in your chart to life- like actors in a drama. Really cool concept.

My bookcase is loaded with books- these are just the ones I refer to over & over.