Blue Moon

I’m having a few 8th house transits at present, so some of the more unpleasant things in life have crept in of late. They are, however, life. And that is what the 8th house is ultimately about- life in the raw, life as the cold hard facts, life as a new beginning, life as endings… Which reminds me, I’d better make an appointment with the accountant to get the taxes done- yep another 8th house thing.

The thing about death is that we appreciate life in all its glory so very much. The thing about darkness is we see so much more clearly when the light comes on.

Tomorrow though, we can escape- even if it is for just a little while- into a different world. A world of dreams and fantasy and imagination. A world where everything is one and anything is possible. The world of the Pisces Full Moon.

The Pisces Moon looks to escape into the dream world of the imagination. Virgo Sun looks to reality and practicalities and efficiency. Virgo Sun reminds us that there is a huge list of everyday things that have to be done…but under the Pisces Full Moon we ask whether it needs to be done now, or whether it can wait.

Full Moon in Pisces is always a soulful time, this one, being the 2nd Full Moon in a month, has the added title of Blue Moon. You know, I’m not entirely convinced that it’s anything more special than an accident of calendar proportions, but I’m sufficiently woo woo-ey enough to thing that it has to Mean Something. But then again, a couple of minutes later in Sydney and it wouldn’t be blue, and the Kiwis miss out all together as it’s next month already there when the Moon is technically full. Pisces doesn’t really get the whole detailed clarity thing that well.

This one is a particularly busy Full Moon.

We have the passion of our ambitions in the Mars/Pluto sextile, the other worldly anything is possible vibe of the Moon/Neptune conjunction, the hard work will move mountains energy of the Sun/Pluto trine and the something’s gonna blow warning of the Sun/Uranus inconjunct.

Mars also trines this Full Moon, adding some passion (there’s that word again) and intensity to your vision.

In the background is Saturn. With just one month left in Libra, there is the reminder about his messages of partnership and relating. If it’s not working, get rid of it. This doesn’t just apply to your romantic partnerships, but your patterns of relating full stop. With anyone.

The thing about Saturn is, he doesn’t care about perfection- that’s an ideal. What he does care about is maturity and reality. Look at the whole, not just the part. Look at the real, not the imagined. Look at it with objectivity, not rose coloured lenses.

Look also at how Mars’ entry into Scorpio has played out for you- this is a precursor to Saturns ingress into Scorpio in October. Hmmm….

Oh you want technical details? The Moon is full at 8 Pisces 33’. That means that you’ll need to pay attention to planets at or around (ish) 6-11 Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius- naturally the closer the orb (the distance) the more likely that you’ll feel something. Keep an eye also on planets and points at 7-10 Scorpio, Cancer. In fact, this time, with everything going on with Pluto and Uranus as well, I’d be pretty safe in saying you’d be well placed if you check out any planet at 7-10 degrees of, well, any sign!

After all, Pisces and Neptune aren’t really that fussed about borders and separatism. Eddy form Absolutely Fabulous once said something like at the end of the day we’re all just a little clump of molecules.

Unlike the song, this Blue Moon invites you to have a dream in your heart…you know you want to…


Pisces Full Moon

The Moon is technically full at around:

East Coast Australia 11.59pm 31/8/12

West Coast Australia & South East Asia 9.59pm 31/8/12

NZ 1.59am 1/9/12

GMT 1.59pm 31/8/12

NY etc 8.59am 31/8/12

LA etc 6.59am 31/8/12