Blue Moon…


Wednesday August 21

Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon

You know that saying about how no man is an island?

Then there’s the one about how it takes a village to raise a child?

Then there’s the saying about once in a blue moon. The thing is, once in a blue moon is, well, now…or strictly speaking tomorrow morning (Sydney time).

A blue moon is when we have two Full Moons in the same sign. Remember back to 22/23 July (depending on which part of the world you’re in) and the Sun and Moon were at 0 degrees of Leo and Aquarius respectively? Yeah? Well, we have the same thing again, less than 30 days later.

Anyways, back to those sayings…I’m sure there are others, but essentially the Leo/ Aquarius axis is all about taking the ego out…and then putting it away again…or something like that.

Let’s put it another way.

Remember how the other week we talked about Grand Trines and they were a whole lot of potential just waiting for something to happen? This is sort of the same and sort of not.

Using the same scenario, say you’re the world greatest writer- but no one else knows about it.

Day after day you sit alone in your studio talking to your dog and painting away on your canvas. In the corner of the study, canvases are piled high, but no one ever sees them.

In order for someone to see them you have to expand past your own ego and reach out to someone else. In doing so you’re risking so so much.

You risk someone saying that you’re not good enough.

You risk someone laughing at your dreams.

You risk someone seeing that talent and telling someone else about it who tells someone else…and so on.

In the process we go beyond our ego and become something more.

That’s what we’re talking about at this Full Moon.

In the background of this Full Moon is a square between Jupiter and Uranus- an aspect that will be exact just a few hours after the Full Moon.

This can be a tricky one. If it’s impacting any part of your chart, it’s also likely to be a restless one.

There is someone or something that you need to break free from. It could be a habit, it could be a role, it could be perceived or real, it could be just something that you feel is keeping you in line and from fully expressing yourself.

Two warnings on this one:

Firstly, with Venus and Neptune inconjunct you mightn’t have a clear view of what your dream is. You mightn’t know what to believe, or indeed who to believe. You mightn’t know who to trust. If this is the case, no matter how tempted you are to throw all your eggs in the air, it’s possibly best not to do so…just yet. This will be you if you have planets or chart points at around 4 degrees being triggered by the Venus/Neptune aspect.

Secondly, change for the sake of change is not the most effective or appropriate option right now. That’s different from saying that change isn’t necessary- in order to expand and fulfil your dreams it absolutely is. Just be sure that you’re not blocking the changes that need to be made in exchange for reacting to those that are happening.

Sure it all sounds a little obscure, but it’s not really.

It actually makes perfect sense.

Full Moon at 28 Aquarius 11’

NZ August 21, 1.44pm

Sydney August 21, 11.44am

WA, SE Asia August 21, 9.44am

London etc August 21, 2.44am

NY etc August 20, 9.45pm

LA etc August 20, 6.45pm