Bliss and Bintang

offerings. pic by me.
offerings. pic by me.

I write this from a pool lounge in Bali in the most beautiful resort I have ever stayed in.

It is Monsoon season here & the rain has not long stopped. There is the tiniest squirrel-iest squirrel leaping from tree to tree, I have an ice cold Bintang beside me, unlimited free wi-fi and all is extremely good in my world.

And that in itself is surprising given that I put my back out (badly) the night before hopping on the plane & have been in a world of pain for much of the last couple of days. Anti inflammatories and an extreme sense of well-being have certainly done the job.

I’m not even going to pretend to do any astro today. I think the Moon is still in Libra, but to be brutally honest, I quite simply don’t care.

So, before I go dunk myself again, here is the Libra & Scorpio Xmas gift thingies- don’t forget to read the blurb for your Sun, Moon & Venus sign… oh, and the pic is from an earlier trip here- I am yet to upload any photos.


Some balance would be lovely, and a lot more lovely leisure time… perhaps someone gorgeous to feed me grapes (or chocolate) while someone else does my nails as I languish on a fabulous chaise longue in something very fashionable. Failing that designer shoes, jewellery & bags always go down well…but nothing too loud & tasteless please.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I will make a decision. This year I will think more about what I want & less time thinking about what you want, or might possibly want. This year I will not leave waiters tapping their pens against their notepads as I go through the menu one more time. What do you think about that?


Total control.

To all those people who think that I want thigh high black leather boots, whips, handcuffs & various other types of power tools or lingerie- enough already. If you really knew me & loved me, you would know what to buy me without my having to say. This is a test.

Suggested NY Resolutions:

This year I am going to let some of my grievances go, rather than just go cold. I am going to smile sweetly when someone upsets me & rather than adding their name to my list, I will forget all about it. That is unless they do it again…