Blame it on the Moon

Ever noticed how some times of the month you have more energy that others? Sure there is that time, but there are also some days where you just feel like jumping out of your skin and other days where you want to curl up on the couch and stuff your face…and other days where you just need to put one foot in front of the other and get through it.

What you are feeling is the influence of the Moon.

Whilst a lot of it does depend on your own birth details, there are some days of the month that, for all of us, are better for certain activities. This is why many cultures still plant crops based on the Moon cycles, or schedule ceremonies and other special days according to La Luna.

From our viewpoint there are some Moon days that are perfect for catching up with friends, others that are favourable for getting tasks done that you have been putting off, others where you find yourself in front of the fridge all day, and others that are ideal for blowing off energy. The next 24 hours is the latter.

The Moon is now in the sign of Aries, and Aries is all about forward motion. In fact Aries is the mantra JFDI- just flipping do it. I’ve noticed that my workouts are all more effective under the Aries Moon- not that they are easier, but that I burn better. You can feel as though someone has lit a fuse under you and you are just ready to burst out of wherever you need to burst out of.

I am also less likely to convince myself to blow off a session when the Moon is in Aries or one of the other Fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius are also Fire signs). It’s as if my body knows that it needs to use it or lose it.

I also find that if I don’t train, I’m more likely to use the energy in a less efficient way ie picking an argument, getting easily frustrated. Tempers also tend to be a tad more explosive under the Aries Moon.

Under a Taurus Moon, however, the mantra is all around routine- the spark isn’t there, so you have to rely on habit to keep you on the straight and narrow.

So, I reckon we use all the tools available to us, and I for one will be feeling the burn over the next couple of days.