Blame it on the Moon- Pisces

Pic by Paul Moore courtesy
Pic by Paul Moore courtesy

(part of an occasional series on Moon signs)

I don’t know whether it was the red wine (I had a few), the vodka/tonic (just one), the altitude (I was in a Boeing 777 at a few thousand metres) or the fact that I needed the toilet really really badly & the seatbelt sign was still on (turbulence over the top of Aus), but I found myself crying in… wait for it… Hannah Montana the Movie. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer emotion (or the need to pee) that I let my husband borrow my very expensive and previously heavily guarded BOSE noise reducing headphones so he could watch his Kung Fu classic crap flick in comfort while I broke the rules and ducked down the aisle to the toilet.

Nor was this an isolated incident (the crying at movies on planes, that is… I want you to know that I have never ever broken the seatbelt thing before…). During my last couple of flights I have also had tears during the soapbox scene in New in Town, during the shop window scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic, and even the happy bit of He’s Just Not That Into You. Only The Boat that Rocked missed out because, whilst the music was great, it was seriously so misogynistic that I couldn’t find tears even for when they got old Hippie Bob out of the sinking boat. On one overnighter from Hong Kong, I was crying so much during Sex and the City that the hostess brought me down another bottle of red. Suffice to say, on the return leg this time I stuck to movies starring Clive Owen where I knew I would be too busy drooling to cry, and Flight Of The Conchords (my favourite episode where Jermaine accidently sleeps with an Australian so gets kicked out of the band) where I could laugh out loud & be less embarrassed than if the person on the other side of the aisle matched my tears to Hannah Montana!

My 11 year old daughter, who I had synchronised the movie with (so that we both start & pause at the same times) failed to pick up the deep emotion between a father and daughter in the “Butterfly” scene and just shook her head at me when the tears started as Hannah launched into “The Climb”. But then Sarah also can’t understand why after thousands of viewings I still sob my little heart out when Maria comes back across the lawn to the children in The Sound of Music.  My devoted family get a laugh every time the flashbulbs go and Elvis Costello breaks into “She” during that unforgettable scene in Notting Hill.

No matter what sign your Sun is in, the sign that the Moon was in at the minute you were born dictates how you react to people, events and memories on an emotional and unconscious level. Whilst the Sun is the outward expression of you, the Moon is the inner you. How easily your emotions are expressed and dealt with can be seen by the contacts (aspects) which the Moon makes to the other planets in your birthchart- but that is a whole other series of blogs.

I have a Pisces Moon, and having a Pisces Moon is like being hormonal and pregnant your entire life. When expectant friends tell me that can’t understand why they are crying over TV ads or in public or at the news, I silently welcome them to my life. Once every 28 days when the Moon moves through the sign of Pisces, all of us become a little more emotional, a little dreamier, and a little more impractical- a little more Piscean. The extent to which that affects you will depend on what sign your Moon is natally.

If your Moon is in Pisces, you will be intuitive, compassionate, sentimental and sensitive to the emotional atmosphere around you. Easily hurt, you also tend to easily forgive, often allowing your heart to be broken over and over by the same person. With a Pisces Moon also comes an idealism that essentially everyone is good and means well and it is a nasty shock when you realise that this is not the case. Your intuition may put you on alert, but that dreamy sense of beyondness will urge you to think you can change the person who your every sense is telling you to avoid. That Pisces compassion will have you feeling sorry for the person who has let you down for the umpteenth time and the man who is confessing to sleeping with someone else, but professes his love still for you.

The biggest risk for a Pisces Moon is of emotional overload and subsequent escape into substances and activities which dull or mask what is being felt. The position of the Moon and the aspects made to it also tell us a lot about both our experience of nurturing and how we nurture ourselves. The Pisces Moon can be quite indiscriminate in regards to its appetite. The lack of boundaries can mean that quite simply you don’t know when you may have had enough- whether that be food, alcohol or an unhealthy love affair.

It is imperative for the Pisces Moon to find other more healthy pursuits when the emotions get too much to bear. If you can learn to protect yourself against negative emotions and tune into that intuition, you have the potential for your dreams to become reality.  Now… where is my copy of Sense and Sensibility


    1. Hey thanks for that Shannon. Do you have any Pisces in your chart pushing you to that type of person? We are sooo misunderstood (LOL).

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