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The Moon today is in Capricorn.

Regular readers will know that the Capricorn Moon is one of those periods each month where (for me) the blah blah blahs come very easily. It feels grey.

It should be a great time for getting work done, for getting down to business, for being practical, for dealing with money concerns, for exchanging business cards, for budgeting…but what I really want to be doing doesn’t fall into any of these categories.

It’s in the fighting against the spirit of the Moon that I have issues. I make it harder for myself by pushing through with creative targets when I’d have a much more effective day if I scheduled activities more in keeping with the mood.

I have issues with the Capricorn Moon mainly because I don’t have a good relationship with Saturn. I’ve spoken about this before as well.

This is why when I post about loving, say, the Sagittarius Moon, others may completely disagree with me. This is absolutely valid.

While the emotional weather forecast will affect us all in some way, it will impact us personally depending on:

  • The placement of your natal Moon
  • The aspects made by your natal Moon to other planets

This information will influence how you identify with the daily Moon and its ruler.

As an example, those of you out there fortunate enough to have Saturn well integrated into your charts (or at least better integrated than I do…which wouldn’t be hard…) may relish the productivity and progress that comes from a Capricorn Moon. It’s a very personal thing.

It’s a bit like I relished the Sun and heat on our recent trip to Thailand, where my husband preferred to stay close to the air conditioning.

Anyways, with the Sun, Mars and Venus in Taurus, today is an especially earthy day.

Supportive links to Mars, the Sun and then the monthly conjunction with Pluto will add oomph and focus to your efforts today. This is all one foot in front of the other, sustained effort, long term focus stuff, which means the potential for frustration when quick results aren’t attained will be high.

Slow down, keep your eye firmly on the goal and maintain your routine. As someone much wiser than me would have said, motivation will provide the spark to get you started, but habit and routine will finish the job.

Want to know more about emotional weather forecasting and how it applies to you?

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  1. Hello Jo!

    Writing to you from Sweden! I LOVE your blog and it has helped me a lot through a lot of hardships that I have had lately! THANK YOU for helping us in sharing your wonderful insights!!! <3

    I have a couple of questions. I am Libra/Sun. That means I have had my share of hardships the last couple of years (Saturn in Libra), and I cant even begin to tell you about all that has happened in my life!

    Now. I also have my Venus in Scorpio and I recently discovered that I have hard aspects between both my Sun and Saturn (opposition) and my Moon and Saturn (square) (my moon is in Cancer). Im beginning to think that I am haunted here. 😉

    Anyways. Is there anything at all you can tell me in short (!) about all this???

    (I have had a hard life and I have spent many years without a partner even though I have many friends and am not ugly. I have had a strong feeling of loneliness all my life and I have no family except for a troubled relation with a mean father and my terminally ill son.So no doubt Saturn is involved in my life. I am extremely destructive in my relations with men and either they have strong Saturn influences or they tend to be incredibly destructive).

    I also have a question about the aspects in a chart. I have as many as 27 of them according to Is there something to say about having many aspects in your chart?

    I wish you all the best and thank you again so, so much for your sharing in your wonderful blog!You are helping us troubled souls out here! Peace be with you!

    1. Hi Eva,
      Thanks so much for taking the trouble to leave this. I’ll drop you a separate line via email 🙂

  2. Hello Jo!

    I am so sad to have been trying to post a reply to your blog a couple of times without succeeding :(( I wrote this looong entry in english (I am Swedish) and did so good with the language and then when i press Submit Comment its all LOST! I am so sorry about that! I just LOVE your blog and it has helped me in so many ways to understand life and myself and I want to THANK YOU for all you write here!!!

    I try to post this one as well and hope for better luck and if I succeed I will do my best to write down my questions once again!

    Peace to you! And all my best regards!

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