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Flinders St Station, Melbourne. Pic by me.
Flinders St Station, Melbourne. Pic by me.

After months of deliberation I finally booked my place at the FAA (Fed of Australian Astrologers) Conference in Melbourne during January. If you want the link, it is here.

I faffed around not because I didn’t know if I wanted to go, but, with the partition job and regular paycheques behind me (as at yesterday), I didn’t know if I should be going. Then I figured that this writing lark and this astrology lark is now my business, so I had better start treating it as such. Plus, there are some really great people coming along to lecture. And, I am a Melbourne tragic.

I have a real interest in medical astrology and traditional astrology- so will be booking in to see those particular lectures. Medical and nutritional astro, in particular, is a real passion of mine- regular readers of this blog know I am working on a large work on that subject, but it isn’t something I write much about here. That is possibily because I want to save the words for the book or because I am learning as I go or whatever. But that is seriously one of the coolest things about astrology- you simply don’t stop learning. I

Medical astro uses traditional techniques- influences and methodology which has really stood the test of time. So, I can’t wait to see Jane Ridder-Patrick present. If you don’t know Janes’ work, she is a Scottish Astrologer who aside from authoring A Handbook of Medical Astrology (amongst other books), is also trained in pharmacy, naturopathy & herbal medicine…so knows her stuff.

If you are going to FAA, give me a shout, it would be great to meet some of you. If you can’t make it to FAA, but will be in Sydney in early February, nutritional astro pal Kira Sutherland is arranging a day long workshop at Naturecare College. The day will be spent looking at the elements and the roles they play in personality, health etc. This is real back to nature, real life astrology stuff. Details are below.

Date: Saturday 4 February 2012

Place: Nature Care College, 46 Nicholson St, St Leonards

More details? Email Kira at

and here's the flyer...
and here’s the flyer…