Big Big Love? Jupiter in Libra…


Jupiter moves into Libra on Thursday. This is a big thing- any change of signs by one of the heavier hitters in the Universe is good, but Jupiter, well Jupiter does nothing in a small way.

He wasn’t that comfortable in Virgo. Jupiter, you see, is a big picture guy and Virgo likes details. Nope, not comfortable at all. Work, health, routine…yep, bored already. What’s next? Don’t get me wrong, these things are absolutely fine, but Jupiter’s not into that.

As for what we can expect when Jupiter is in Libra? Let’s break it down.

Libra is about balance, peace, fairness, beauty, style, partnership, connections, bringing people together. Libra is highly social.

Jupiter seeks out experiences, pushes past boundaries, exaggerates and makes things bigger.

Put these two together and, I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing one big glamorous party- and Jupiter loves excess and abundance. Of course I exaggerate- but that’s ok, we’re talking about Jupiter. Style Queen meets Party King? I’m saying yes to that particular over-the-top invite.

The thing is Jupiter in Libra will seek out these Libran pursuits with an optimism that says yeah, we can have more balance; life can be fairer, more just, more harmonious and more beautiful.

The other thing that Jupiter actively looks to do in Libra is expand or grow through relationship. Now, before you all rush off and yell for joy, this doesn’t necessarily mean plain sailing and happy ever afters in the love and romance stakes. It’s not enough to come together, it’s about how you grow and what you learn through relationship- and when I say relationship I’m talking about all relationships. That means new relationships, old relationships, broken relationships, breaking relationships, relationships with people who actively oppose you and the ones with people who don’t like you. All relationships.

Jupiter will present the opportunities and you need to figure out what to do with them- bearing in mind that the opportunity could include a new and exciting partnership; or a realisation that you have stagnated within an existing relationship. The opportunities you’re presented with could be a realisation of what you want in a relationship via the people closest to you- or the ones most opposed to you. The opportunity could be learning about how you relate (or how you want to relate) through the eyes or experience of another. It could be a chance to revive something that’s old but still precious- a new adventure in an existing commitment.

Another word of warning- if warning is the right word in this circumstance- there’s no accident that Saturn is exalted in Libra…and that’s because relationships need to be worked at in order to continue to exist and in order to continue to provide expansion and learning for both partners. And where Jupiter fails to expand existentially, he tends to expand physically- if you know what I mean. Yep, comfort eating, boredom eating, stuck in a rut, life is no longer an adventure and piling on the layers in front of the telly eating. Most of us know someone who has subconsciously made herself less attractive in order to avoid the temptation to stray from a commitment that no longer offers what it once did. Layers can be safe- but oh so limiting. Just saying.

So yes, there will be opportunity around relationship- but that will manifest in different ways for each of us. Oh, and if there’s a relationship in your life that’s reached the end of its natural life, Jupiter in Libra could help you see past the details to the bigger, wider picture and possibly even find a way to make the ending as fair and just and equable as is remotely possible. Don’t look at me like that- I did say maybe. Was it Gwyneth that coined the term conscious uncoupling?

This influence will impact us in different ways depending on where Libra is in your chart. If Libra is in the first house or your Sun is in Libra, this is your once every 12 years opportunity to improve the relationship with yourself, to put yourself first, to reboot whatever needs to be re-booted…it’s your year for the ultimate #selfie. If it’s your 2nd house, it could be your relationship with money, or your personal resources that have the opportunity to grow.

If it’s the 7th, it’s your relationships; and the 5th? That’s about fun, creativity, love, and babies: your babies, other people’s babies, creative babies, business babies. It’s about having faith and taking a leap (although not unnecessary risks…please, people, no unnecessary risks) even though the outcome is absolutely uncertain. If it’s the 10th get ready for a busy busy year; and the 4th? Have you run out of space, grown too big for your environment; or does your home-life offer no room for your personal growth? Get the idea?

If I haven’t mentioned the house that your Jupiter is transiting, don’t worry- we’ll get to it- all going well- by the end of the week.