Beyond the Comfort Zone

© Ken Cole |
© Ken Cole |

Earlier this year one of my favouritest people gave me a fridge magnet that read:

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

It was a reminder that only when we do the stuff that scares us, do we grow.

This year I have done more stuff that has scared me than pretty well ever- much of this at the prompting (and some kicking and screaming) of that same friend. The list is long, and the year isn’t yet over.

Yesterday I added something else to it. I stood up in front of a group of corporate bods (including my husband- and speaking in front of your husband can be waaaaay scary) spoke about how they could use astrology in the workplace.  Comprised of some sceptics, and some with curiosity, none had any more knowledge of astrology than what their own sun sign was.

My aim was to introduce a little fun to the normal proceedings, and give a really basic overview of how astrology has been used over the years and how it can be used in a practical and easy way in the workplace.

My Aries BMF told me that all I needed to say was that every workplace needed “a charismatic, inspirational and energetic Aries leader” ….hmmm… Having said that, he came through with some great ideas for me (and a little necessary virtual hand holding and patronising) at the 11th hour when the fear started to push aside my original “how hard can it be?” Pisces attitude.

How did I go?  Once I got through the first couple of nervous minutes I loved it. And the reaction afterwards was generous. People were really talking about it- even the sceptics.

Sure there were parts I was beating myself up about- things I wanted to say which I didn’t (when I decided I couldn’t be faffed with notes and essentially threw them away), and concern about whether I had remembered to hold my tummy in the whole time. That aside, the adrenaline high was pretty cool.

In any case, preparing for that presentation has taken all my spare time- hence my absence from this blog.

Over the past week I have also missed the ingress (that’s a fancy technical astro word for when a planet changes signs) of both Venus and Mercury into Sagittarius.  I’ll pop up last years’ posts, but the movement of both of these planets out of darkest Scorpio into “let’s find something to jump off” Sagittarius is a big one- and represents an urge to expand beyond existing boundaries and have some fun.

This weekend the Moon will be in Pisces- a great time to get really creative with your imagination and fantasies, dream a little, cry a little, feel a lot. After a morning of maintenance activities I intend to do not a lot more than sit by the pool and catch up on a little writing.

Have a great Saturday.

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  1. Wow, go you! What a great workplace that would consider using astrology as a tool. I reckon it would be just as effective (if not more) than psychology for human resources. I am really happy to read this.

  2. Interestingly a lot of those personality profile thingies have their roots in astrology. Thanks for the feedback- I had a ball doing it.

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