Believe Again…

The star sign Sagittarius written on a blackboard.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Back when I was a student at Sydney Uni, I’d catch ferries. The Manly ferry. To Manly…and back again.

I’d hang out the side and catch the spray as we rode the wake of other vessels. I especially loved the days when it was a bit choppy or stormy and the waves as we went through the Heads and out towards Manly would break over the side.

The water, the wind and the Sun pushed out whatever was in my head that was blocking my thoughts, or frazzling me from the inside out. It stopped the narrow chatter and opened me up to the possibilities of something so much more expansive.

I still catch ferries, or stand on a beach, or, if I’m in Melbourne, stand at the end of St Kilda Pier. It clears the monkey brain, blows away the cobwebs and the doubts and the fears and…I believe again.

Just like Mercury in Sagittarius, my Jupiter/Neptune ruled Mercury wanders- from here to there and back again.

For Mercury in Sagittarius the mind is expansive and every idea a journey- albeit one with many distractions, rambling and stop-overs along the way. This post will be much the same, I suspect..

According to a podcast I listened to in the car the other day, the human brain is hard wired to be able to deal with distractions. The theory being that the simple act of focusing too hard for too long on something could have dire or even fatal consequences.

Whilst cavemen didn’t have the ding of an email arrival or the tweet of a new twitter entry to distract them from what they were supposed to be doing, they did have other concerns. Imagine concentrating all your energy on, I don’t know, making a slingshot only to have a lion eat you because you weren’t alert to the distractions.

The question the host asked was: Were Ugg and Thug Multi-taskers?  Mercury in Sagittarius certainly is! That was going to be the title of this blog….except that I usually use song titles or lyrics.

The premise is that “expansive environments… inspire expansive thoughts.” And there is no more expansive thinker than Mercury in Sagittarius. Not only are his ideas big, in fact bigger than big, but it doesn’t occur to him that they can possibly fail. Mercury in Sagittarius is not just a big thinker, he is an optimistic big thinker. But this isn’t just normal glass half full optimism, Sagittarius optimism is an absolute faith in the future, the Sun will come back out tomorrow type of optimism.

In Sagittarius, Mercury is really not big on details or organization- that’s what Gemini and Virgo are good for. The Sagittarian concept is too big for that…beside, details just put limitations and boundaries around what is possible. In Pisces Mercury has dreams, in Sagittarius his restless, eternally distracted mind plans only for the future. In Sagittarius he has vision.

In order to think this big Mercury in Sagittarius needs room and freedom to move. The more space the better. His thirst for knowledge is immense, but not in any dry, abstract sense. He needs to have a passion for the subject in order to have his interest maintained.

And if he has a passion for a subject? It’s communicated with immense enthusiasm- perhaps even that of a zealot. At his worst, he will preach rather than discuss- not because he wants to push his ideas down your throat, but because it simply doesn’t occur to him that his beliefs will not also be good for you too.

Mercury in Sagittarius is open-minded, but also has his own blind spots. He is moralistic and intolerant of prejudice- unless it is his own. He is a straight talker but a crappy listener. He can be tactless and politically incorrect. He does, however, mean well.

He doesn’t do spin and, unless he has the Moon in a water sign, or his Sun in Scorpio, won’t pick up on underlying tensions- he simply doesn’t have the inclination to do anything other than tell it as it is.

If you aren’t fine, don’t tell him that you are…fine, that is. Want to piss off a Sagittarian?  Too easy- talk in riddles, subtleties and hints. Whilst he loves fun, and laughs easily (and can often make those around him laugh easily), he doesn’t play mind games- those of Mercury in Scorpio will have that fire temper sparking nicely.

Anything that impedes on his space will place limitations around his ideas. His best work is done in a clutter free environment- even though his ideas may well be disorganised. His best thoughts are done in an expansive environment.

That’s why I love the beach, the ferry, the Pier- it’s as if my thoughts leave my head and have complete freedom to soar….like when you let a helium balloon go.

For the next few weeks, allow your thoughts to fly, think big, dream big, plan big…you’ve got plenty of time to put reality into practice when Mercury shifts into Capricorn.


Think this reads like you? If you are a Sagittarian, have Mercury in Sagittarius or Mercury in close aspect to Jupiter (especially the conjunction) or Mercury in the 9th house, this may be just how you tick…